Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some (Very) Old School X-Men Fun.

I really love the writing of Stan Lee. I really do. As far as I'm concerned, the guy is THE father of modern comic books. His work still resonates almost 50 years after it was first published. With that said though, some of his work is laugh out loud funny. Take these scans for example. Here we have Magneto, the deadliest threat the X-Men have ever known, literally hiding right under their noses. Guys, he's crouching right behind that tank of rocket fuel sitting right near you!!!
So, Magneto has the jump on the fledgling X-Men, since he is obviously a master of hiding in plain sight. How does he decide to kill them? Drop a building on their heads? Nah, too easy. Impale them with metal shrapnel? No, too messy. No, Magneto decides to stand up shouting threats and pushing the tank of rocket fuel at the X-Men... The guy has all of these awesome powers and the best he can come up with is PUSHING a tank of rocket fuel at the X-Men??? Come on Mags, I expect much better than that!
I really wish DC would put out cheap Essential old school comics like Marvel does. There's nothing quite like reading the original issues of the X-Men, the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. I know I'd personally love to read about those early adventures of the JLA, Superman or Batman.


  1. Their called Showcase Presents man.
    And they are sweet.

    (That or if you want to shell out the extra cash its they are called DC Archives...)

    But Showcase is where its at, thats how I own all of Booster Gold's eighties run. One glorious volume.

  2. And you can see the original story with an actual sitting President who was in danger of being replaced by a shape-shifting villain.

    Its right there in Showcase Presents: Boo$ter Gold! Suck on that Spider-Obama teamup, no one can stand against Booster-Reagan!

  3. Sweet, I thank you, but my wallet sure doesn't! I didn't realize that DC had put out a similar collection to the Marvel Essentials. I can see that I'll be putting out a good amount of money to pick up a few of these collections. After an early look, I see a good 10 trades I want to pick up.