Friday, February 27, 2009

Birds of Prey #127 (The Final Issue)

Overall- There's really not much to say about this comic. For a review, I'm going to really speed through things, because that was pretty much the same way this comic book did it. We open with the Calculator(now in control of Kilg%re's electronic body)confronting Babs and the rest of the Birds at Barbara's safe house. Even though Babs is surrounded by the Birds of Prey, Calculator doesn't put 2+2 together(HA, I made a pun! Sorry, I won't do that again...)and doesn't realize that Babs is Oracle, who was who he was looking for. Babs and the Birds escape the Calculator/Kilg%re and evacuate the safehouse, destroying it in the process.

Later(I'm going to skip the Internet/Unternet junk), Babs and the Birds locate the secret headquarters of the Silicon Syndicate, where Calculator/Kilg%re is located. The Birds take the fight to the Syndicate and basically wipe the floor with them. Calculator, realizing the Syndicate was a lost cause, abandons his teammates, turns into a airplane and flies to safety... Just typing that line seems strange...

Anyway, although Babs is happy the Birds managed to take down the Syndicate, she is extremely hard on herself concerning the escape of the Calculator. Babs decides she needs some time away from the rest of her teammates and basically writes them a "Dear John" letter, stating that after watching the Joker(a few issues back)and the Calculator escape from her, she needs to reevaluate herself to see if there is some way she can improve her methods. She places Misfit in the care of Huntress(who she must really hate)and disappears.

The "Origins & Omens" part of this comic dealt with Babs looking back at her life, from her days as Batgirl, to her progression to Oracle. The future images we see from Scar really don't reveal much, other than another confrontation between the Calculator and Oracle down the road, in the upcoming "Oracle: The Cure" mini-series.

So, that's that for "Birds of Prey". This story was pretty rushed, as Tony Bedard was trying to quickly wrap up the Silicon Syndicate storyline. I have to admit, "Birds" was a consistently good read from month to month. Gail Simone's work stands out the most, but Tony Bedard did a pretty good job with this series after taking up the writing duties. I'll miss reading this comic monthly(I've always liked Huntress), but at least I don't have to read about that damn annoying Misfit anymore... Oh wait, Sean McKeever is using Misfit on the "Teen Titans" comic book, because apparently, he hates my guts...

For a score, I'll give this, the final issue of the Birds of Prey a 6 1/2 out of 10. This comic was OK, but the pacing was all out of whack. Well, the only thing left to say is that I'll be looking forward to picking up the "Oracle: The Cure" mini come March, which hopefully WILL NOT have Misfit appearing within it... I REALLY hate her!

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