Thursday, February 26, 2009

Study, study, study!

With a pretty big math test looming tomorrow, I won't be able to read any new comic books. That means no new reviews to post. Ah, but never fear, I've made sure to post at least something everyday since I started this blog, and today will be no exception. Here are some scans of my favorite insane mutant speedster, Quicksilver!

"Slime-sucking scum"?!? That's the best Hawkeye could come up with??? Besides Clint's classic insult, you've got to love Iron Man asking Quicksilver why he's turned evil. Like any good villain, Quicksilver is more than happy to stand around talking instead of, oh I don't know, KILLING HIS ENEMIES!Gee Iron Man, maybe calling Quicksilver crazy isn't the best way to defuse this situation...Ah the good old days, where the Avengers comics actually featured Avengers and the melodrama was through the roof!

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