Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy

Overall- Is it sacrilegious to say that I didn't enjoy something written by Geoff Johns? It's not? Whew... Anyway, I just never really got into this comic. Basically, the premise was that Solomon Grundy is sharing(?)the same body as his original human self, Cyrus Gold. For some reason, upon his latest resurrection, Cyrus Gold was reborn, not the nearly mindless Solomon Grundy.

Cyrus winds up getting run over by a truck after a confrontation with the cops and dies, and is reborn as Solomon Grundy this time... Wha-huh? Solomon then fights Killer Croc over who owns the sewers of Gotham City(or some such nonsense). Grundy defeats Croc, and winds up standing in front of the grave of his human form, Cyrus Gold... Damn am I confused... Grundy then transforms into Cyrus and is confronted by the Stranger and Alan Scott, who speak cryptically, possibly about the upcoming "Blackest Night" as the comic ends.

Um, yeah, wow, I was lost reading this comic book... Why was Grundy suddenly being reborn as Cyrus Gold? From everything I'd ever read about Solomon Grundy, I can't say I recall him ever coming back to life as Cyrus Gold... Since Geoff Johns was the writer of this comic, I'm guessing that this all had something to do with the upcoming "Blackest Night" crossover Geoff is responsible for. If anyone cares to shed some light on what this comic was all about, by all means, do so! Until then, I'd have to give this comic a 4 out of 10.

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