Sunday, February 8, 2009

The March to Valentine's Day, Sometimes love hurts...

Wow, looking back at Hawkeye and Mockingbird's marriage made me realize that Bobbi was one abusive spouse! If she wasn't yelling at Clint, she was beating the hell out of him... Hopefully, now that Mockingbird is miraculously back from the dead, Marvel can recapture some of the magic these two had.


  1. Great Scott!

    It looks like Marvel has a new Mayor of Crazy-Town if I ever saw one.

    I did not remember how terminally insane crazy she was...

  2. This isn't even half of the insanity Mockingbird was responsible for! Her marriage to Hawkeye was hilarious, mainly due to the fact that both Clint and Bobbi are both pretty crazy.

    I could probably dedicate at least another 10 posts of Clint and Bobbi at each others throats. Those two were comedic gold together!

  3. Leave it to comic books to somehow turn a sensitive issue like domestic violence, death, rape, bug spraying your partner, and rocky marriages into the fodder of future generations...

  4. GL, you could say that again! That's the funny thing about comic books, they can get away with seemingly anything!