Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The March to Valentine's Day, Day 4: More fun with Nightwing!

Since I have so many Nightwing pics, I figured I'd dedicate another post to Dick Grayson, ladykiller!

First up is Nightwing and his landlady at the time, Clancy... Not a bad way of trying to get out of paying rent! How about some more of Nightwing and Huntress, this time not in the sewers.There was also fashion designer, Cheyenne Freemont, while Nightwing was living in NYC.And of course, who could forget Tarantula... I sure wish I could...And just to show that no female teammate of Nightwing is safe, here's Dick getting busy with Raven, even though at the time he was dating Starfire.Sadly, I could STILL post more pictures of Nightwing making out with various women. Is there NO woman in the DC Universe who can resist the charm of Dick Grayson???


  1. I think this is really why Nightwing/future Batman Dick Grayson is so light-hearted and fun despite Bruce's influence, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!

    Screw the circus, he gets as much tail as the Arrows it seems like...

  2. That's kind of why I just can't see Dick in the role of Batman... Personality-wise, I've always seen him kind of like DC's version of Spider-Man. When I think of Dick Grayson, I think of a swashbuckling hero who trades punches and wise-cracks with the villains he battles. Although Dick is the only person who deserves to inherit the Bat-mantle, I don't think he can pull off the Batman role.

  3. what GL2814E said...

    thanks for sharing, these are great.

    Though Raven did trick Robin into making out with her.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Bruce wasn't much of a good role model anyways, being a "playboy" and all, he's got a LOT of female fans so its not surprising Dick would too.

  6. Would you please tell me where has that RavenxDick picture came from? I mean, i love that couple but i thought that it was just a headcanon.

  7. Gladly! That scan came from New Teen Titans #39(Jan. 1988). Hope that helps! If you want to know anything else about that scan, just let me know.

  8. me encanta raven y robin; aunque el este enamorado de starfire.

    1. el se acosto con muchas de las chicas de DC comis incluyendo a catwoman. acualmente starfire tiene una relacion muy habierta con red hood(segundo robin)