Thursday, February 12, 2009

Legion of Super-Heroes #50, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE???

I am dreading opening this comic book up... This series has been one of my favorites monthly, and knowing that this is the last I'll be reading about these great characters really hurts... Oh well, why delay the inevitable. Here's the review of LoSH #50, the final issue...

Overall- Hmph. I'm going to try my damnedest to review this comic book before I start to editorialize about what happened here. We discover the Invader Planets are from a virtual 4D world that borders our own 3D world. The leaders of the 4D world scan people and objects they deem interesting from our 3D universe which sends them to the 4D world, but in doing this, the people/objects are destroyed in our 3D world. Whew. Confused yet? Well you will be soon...

Anyway, Brainiac 5 figures out a way to send a team of Legionnaires to the 4D realm to try to defeat the invaders in their own realm, which the 4D creatures would never expect. While the small strike force of Legionnaires attack the 4D world, the 4D leaders are pressing their attack on our 3D universe, destroying everything they can. Every member of the Legion is out battling the Invaders all over our 3D universe, while the Legionnaires in the 4D realm run into harsh resistance. Before things fall apart completely, Invisible Kid has a brainstorm and sends Brainiac 5 data which allows Brainy to take over the landscape of the virtual 4D world and destroy all of the forces there. He then manages to send everyone of the Invaders here in our 3D universe back to their own 4D universe, before sealing them up in their own dimension, thereby defeating the Invaders.

The story ends a week later with Brainiac healing the Legionnaires who went to the 4D realm, since they were messed up by the Invaders in our 3D world before Brainy turned the tide of battle. Besides returning the Legionnaires to our world, Brainy also manages to return Dream Girl to life to the shock of the Legionnaires. Dream Girl then invites them all to her wedding to Brainy, thus proving that Brainy really was in contact with Dream Girl, and ending this comic series on a very happy note.

OK... That was a bare bones review of how the LoSH, one of my favorite comic book series has ended. All I have to say after reading this comic is simply, WHAT THE F### WAS THAT?!?!?! First of all, I was so dumbfounded after I read this comic book, I had to go back to make sure that Jim Shooter, who has been writing this comic book for the last year and a half or so was still writing it, because this issue didn't resemble anything like what he had been building towards... I was absolutely shocked to discover that he didn't write this comic. Why the f### not??? Jim has been building this storyline for the better part of 6 months, and then someone else(Justin Thyme)finishes writing the last issue? HUH???

I'm literally in a state of shock right now... Why didn't Jim finish this series off? Most of the stuff that has been going on in this comic book lately has been completely ignored this issue! What the hell happened with Princess Projectra??? She had become a very major player in this comic book leading up to the final issue, and she wasn't in this comic book at all!!! Not at all! On top of that, I was under the impression that Cosmic Boy was supposed to return this issue, and that a Legionnaire was going to die. At least that's what the last page of issue #49 stated. Well, not only was Cosmic Boy a no-show, nobody died(which I'm fine with, I hate to see characters killed off unnecessarily)and Dream Girl came back to life. How? Why now? If Brainy could bring her back to life why the f### didn't he do it prior to this point???

ARRRGGHHH!!! I just don't know what happened here... Before I forget, I will say that Justin Thyme, whoever he is, did an admirable job of trying(which is the key word here)to finish up this series, but I wanted Jim Shooter to finish this story! He was the one who crafted it, he should have been the one who finished it! This was all just bizarre... There were SO many story elements that were just dropped in this issue. The situation with Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad was seemingly forgotten... I already mentioned Projectra, but what happened to Timber Wolf, who was conspicuous by his absence. What about Phantom Girl, who after getting messed up by Projectra last issue seemed just fine this issue?

I don't know what I expected to read here, but this issue just totally blew my mind, and NOT in a good way. Before I end this post, allow me to say a big F### you to DC for making this a regular 22 page issue... It was not only the 50th issue of this series, it was the LAST issue of this series... This book deserved at least 48 pages. Why DC didn't give this comic a proper 48 page send off, I don't know, but that fact really pisses me off. Usually for a milestone comic like #50, or a last issue, you give the fan's a double sized comic. This whole situation really sucks... Anyway, for a final score for the final issue of this series, I'll go with a score of 7 out of 10, and that's a VERY generous score. This comic had no flow to it, felt extremely rushed, and was a very disappointing end to one of my favorite DC books. Still though, now and forever, no matter how badly DC disrespects these characters I've grow so very fond of, LONG LIVE THE LEGION, LONG LIVE THE LEGION, LONG LIVE THE LEGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I didn't buy it. I saw the change in the credit. No more DC purchases for a LOOOONG time.

  2. Yeah, I was(and still am)pissed about how DC(Dan Didio in particular)handled the whole situation, but DC is still putting out some quality comics, so I'm not going to give up on the whole company.

    As a long time Marvel fan, I hate to say it, but overall, right now, DC is the better company... I never thought I would have said that a year ago.