Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Crisis: Revelations #5(of 5)

Overall- Meh, this series really never rocked my world(did I just type that?)from the first issue onward, and the final installment was no different. Basically, last issue we saw the Spectre become a slave to Cain. This caused Radiant's faith to become shaken to the point where she couldn't protect the citizens of Gotham who hadn't been effected by the Anti-Life Equation.

Cain and his minions used the Spear of Destiny and attempted to breach Radiant's protective barrier around the church the unaffected Gothamites were hiding out in. Before Cain could break in though, the Question and Huntress hatch a plan and wage a last ditch assault on Cain. Cain and his legions easily defeat the two women and the Question winds up getting speared through the gut with, well, with the Spear.

But, alas, that was the Question's plan all along! The only way the Question figured she'd get a hold of the Spear of Destiny would be if Cain attempted to physically use it on her. Witnessing this act, Radiant returns, with her faith renewed. In order to reunite the soul of Crispus Allen(the Spectre's human host)and the Spectre, Question uses the Spear to bring Cris' son back to life(or at least I think that's what happened). With the death of his son off his shoulders, Cris reunites with the Spectre and destroys all of the followers of Cain. As for Cain himself, he is banished to forever wander the world, scorned and hated by all who see him... Or something along those lines.

Oh, and then the Question went around rounding up Supermen from alternate dimensions and Mandrakk somehow magically captured both Radiant and the Spectre and "drained" them, somewhere between this comic book and Final Crisis #7. Off panel of course! Gee, I sure would have liked to have seen THAT battle..........

Anyway, Grant Morrison's "unique" storytelling aside, the other issues of this series were just OK for me, and this issue followed suit. Greg Rucka did an alright job, but out of all of the Final Crisis tie-ins, Revelations was the weakest in my eyes. For a final score, I'll give this issue a 6 out of 10. Reading this comic killed some time, but it's not something I'll remember in a week or so.

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