Sunday, February 22, 2009

Secret Six #6

Overall- I've got a few complaints about this comic book, but before I get into them, I'll give a brief review of what I read here. So, last issue we discover that Junior is Ragdoll's sister, and that she has captured and tortured Bane. The team confront Junior to rescue Bane, and do just that, since they have Junior outnumbered... That was kind of... Simplistic, no? There was no big battle or anything. The Six just walked over, untied Bane, and left. Weird. The Six hit the road again, this time with Bane, who is slowly dying from the injuries Junior inflicted on him during his time in captivity.

The main action of this comic takes place at a rest area just outside of Las Vegas. Scandal goes to the rest room, and the weird woman friend of Scandal, Jeannette(who reveals she is a Banshee...), takes Deadshot into the rest room to tell him her life story before trying to get busy with him. Deadshot shoots her in the stomach instead, which draws Scandal over. Before Scandal can lay a hand on Deadshot, he shoots her in the head and takes the "Get Out of Hell Free" card off of her.

By this time, Catman runs into the restroom, and is promptly ambushed and knocked over by Deadshot. Deadshot leaves the restroom, hops into the car with the still handcuffed Tarantula and the dying Bane, and before leaving, drives the car into Catman for good measure. Boy, when Deadshot betrays you, he REALLY betrays you! The issue ends with us discovering that the person in Gotham City trying to buy the "Get Out of Hell Free" card is none other than former Six member, the Mad Hatter.

Ugh... Besides the Penguin, the Mad Hatter is the absolute worst, most useless villain in all of the DC universe. Why the hell is Gail Simone bringing this loser back? There are VERY few characters I consider completely useless, but the Mad Hatter is one of them. I like to say that every character has fans, no matter how obscure, but I CAN'T imagine ANYBODY being a fan of the Mad Hatter. Jeez, they should have just let Ragdoll kill that loser Mad Hatter off at the end of the Secret Six mini-series that preceded this series.

This comic wasn't that bad(it wasn't that great either), but the inclusion of the Mad Hatter really ruined this issue for me. Come on Gail, I know you can do better than this! For a score, I'm going to give this issue a 5 out of 10. With the exception of Deadshot's betrayal, which was pretty cool, this issue really fell flat for me. Honestly, this entire storyline just hasn't done it for me(I hate Bane as a member of the team, plus the revelation that Junior is Ragdoll's sister really sucked), and I can't wait for it to end. Hopefully, Gail can recapture some of her magic with this team during the next storyline.

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