Monday, February 9, 2009

The other comics...

So, obviously, Final Crisis #7 was the main comic book I was looking forward to in this order, but there were some other pretty good books here as well.

First up is Final Crisis #7... If you REALLY want to know what I thought of THAT debacle, click here at you own risk...

Final Crisis Revelations #5(of 5)- This has been an OK addition to the Final Crisis story, so I'll be interested to see how Greg Rucka ends it.

Teen Titans #67- PLEASE be better than the last couple of issues... PLEASE! After Robin abandoned the team last issue, I'm getting pretty close to ditching this comic as well, unless Sean McKeever can really fix this team's abysmal roster.

She-Hulk #37- I think this series is closing shop soon, and I can honestly say I won't mind when it does. I just don't feel that Peter David is doing his best work on this comic, which is tough to say, with Peter being one of my all-time favorite writers.

Reign in Hell #7(of 8)- Once #8 of this series comes out, I'll read the whole series uninterrupted. Until then, this comic goes into the pile of unread books.

Nova #21- Maybe the best Marvel Comic not written by Ed Brubaker. If you aren't reading Nova, you're missing out on one of the best comics(Marvel or DC)on the market today. And I mean that seriously.

Legion of Super-Heroes #50- ...I've been dreading this one... This is the last issue of this great, under-appreciated series... I'm going to miss these characters like you wouldn't believe. Cancelled or not, LONG LIVE THE LEGION!!!!!!

Avengers: The Initiative #21- Yet another comic book that I think is approaching the end. I've loved the Initiative from issue #1, and continue to love it to this day. Dan Slott is no longer writing this series(since he's moved on to Mighty Avengers), but I've always enjoyed Christos Gage's work, so hopefully he can keep up some of Dan's great work.

Batman #685- This is the continuation of a story from the latest issue of Detective Comics, detailing the war between Catwoman and Hush. This comic should be decent.

Faces of Evil: Kobra #1- Why not?

Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #4(of 5)- Once again, I won't bother to read this series until I've got all 5 issues at hand, so I can just read the whole thing uninterrupted.

Justice Society of America #23- I think this storyline is the last one written by Geoff Johns... I just can't imagine a JSA comic book not written by Geoff. Anyway, this comic contains Black Adam, one of my favorite "villains". That fact, coupled with Geoff Johns writing it has me nearly euphoric, and that's without even reading it!

That's it, that's what I'll be reading/posting about over the next couple of days, provided I don't get too bogged down with school work. My professors really seem to enjoy throwing tons of work at me this semester... Methinks I chose the wrong classes!

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