Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What do you think?

I've got the entire current Green Lantern series, the entire Green Lantern Corps series and the whole Booster Gold series, all up to date and I was wondering if anybody would strongly recommend one of these series over the other. Since I've got a 3 day vacation from school, with no homework/essays due(!)and no plans, I figured I'd start reading one of these series. Personally, I'm leaning towards reading Green Lantern(I really enjoyed GL: Rebirth), but an argument for one of the other books could easily sway me. Anyway, if you feel strongly about one of these series, let me know.


  1. Go with Green Lantern.

    Or you could alternate between it and GLC.

    Booster starts strong, but once Johns and Katz leaves it kinda thins out some... Still good, but not as strong.

  2. Yeah, I've only heard good things about Green Lantern(Plus, it is written by Geoff Johns!). Most likely, I'll read primarily Green Lantern, with whatever new stuff I get mixed in. GLC will have to wait on the back-burner a bit longer. Thanks for the opinion, GL.

  3. The Green Lantern series is the strongest. Plus it has the best art. But, the GL Corps series gets real strong around issue 16 or so, when the Sinestro Corps war starts. I agree with GL2814E that it would be best to alternate. Especially during the Sinestro Corps War. GLC is kind of the opposite of Booster Gold. I didn't think GLC started out all that strong, but it's been getting better and better as the series moves along. As far as Booster goes, I really like the feel of the book through the first 12 or so issues. I think it'll get better again, now that Dan Jurgens is the solo creator, but . . it did have a little hiccup there during the transition. In any case, you'll enjoy reading them all.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts, Comicinsight, I figured you'd have read and reviewed all three of these series, so I'm glad to hear your opinion. I guess I'll start off with the Green Lantern series, and then when the GLC comic starts, which I think is about a year after the Green Lantern series, I'll start to alternate. By the time I get around to reading Booster Gold, it'll probably be next year!