Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teen Titans #67

Before I even pick up this comic book to read, let me state that I have been EXTREMELY unhappy with the direction this comic has been heading in recently... This comic better really hit one out of the park, because I'm really losing my patience with this book. Young Justice/Teen Titans was the comic series that got me into reading DC comic books, and it's become depressing to read the last few issues of this once great series... Well, let me give this comic a review...

Overall- SIGH... I'm sorry, I just can't get myself up to give this comic book an adequate review... The best character in the whole comic was the villain, Brother Blood. Blood manages to escape Hell due to the events of the mini-series "Reign in Hell", and he goes on to attack the Teen Titans, or as I like to call them THE WORST TEAM IN ALL OF COMIC BOOKS! Blood attacks these Titan pretenders, and I keep hoping that he'll kill the whole lot of them and put me and this comic book out of our collective misery...

However, that's not to be, and during the battle, Blood steals Red Devil's powers, turning him back to his original human form, before fleeing. Blood then realizes that with the chaos in Hell, the time is ripe for him to rebuild the Church of Blood.

Storywise, this comic was pretty good. I like Brother Blood, and Sean McKeever actually managed to improve upon the character. But, my main problem lies within the roster of the Teen Titans. I'll go member by member here, so you can see where I'm coming from.
Wonder Girl- I've liked her from her Young Justice days, and out of every member of the current team, she's the only one I actually like.
Red Devil- I don't really care about him one way or the other. I think he'd fit the comedic role well if not for:
Blue Beetle- I really hate this Blue Beetle. Maybe it's the fact that I liked Ted Kord. Maybe it's the fact that I've never read a single issue of his solo series, which is getting cancelled by the way. Shouldn't that be a hint to get rid of him DC? Maybe it's the fact that he rubbed me the wrong way when he first met the Teen Titans with his smart-ass attitude. Whatever it is, I really don't like him and would prefer not to have to read about him.
Bombshell- Why the hell is she even here? She doesn't want to be there, most of the Titans don't want her there, and I don't want her there. If you want a tough female on the team, then please, bring back Ravager! Ravager adds so much more to the team then Bombshell does.
Tracy 13- Who? I guess she's from Blue Beetle's comic book. So, since I don't read Blue Beetle's book, I don't have a clue as to who she is. I guess your basic magic girl. If they wanted a magic member on the team, why not add Zatara? He at least had the connection to Red Devil.
Misfit- Ah Misfit... The Gods of Comicdom must hate me to put her in this comic book. I HATE Misfit!!! I've hated her in the Birds of Prey with a passion. She is the single most annoying character possibly in the HISTORY of comic books! Sean McKeever must secretly hate me to force Misfit on me... That can be the only explanation for her appearance here...

Yes, I'm a bitter fan of Robin, Superboy and Kid Flash. I want THEM on this team, like they were in the good old days. Hell, I'd take Secret, Empress, Arrowette and Slo-bo over this current horrible team. There are dozens of teenage superheroes out there Sean... Why do you insist on loading this team up with characters I hate so passionately?

For a score, I'll give this issue a 5 1/2 out of 10. Like I said, the stuff with Brother Blood was pretty good, but I just don't like this Teen Titans team at all right now... After the big Teen Titan/Titan crossover coming up later this year, if things don't change drastically here, I think I'll be cutting this book out of my monthly read list, and that would be such a shame...

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