Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, what am I missing?

Anyone who read my earlier post,, knows what comics I acquire each month. Looking at the DC side of things, there are some conspicuous absences, namely, a Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern title. The more I thought about that, as well as reading a post over at Kello's blog, I began thinking maybe, since these are some of the real big time characters in the DC universe, I should try to collect at least one of these heroes titles.

Now, the question is whose comic should I start to collect? Personally, I'm leaning towards Batman, but he seems to have so many different comics out. Plus, the fact that the Bat comics are in the midst of the R.I.P storyline, I wouldn't really know where to start collecting. Green Lantern is another hero I'd like to read up on, but once again, I think there are also a bunch of GL related books out there right now...

So, my question is, which one of these character's comics would be the best to start to read, and exactly how many different comic books are out there dealing with say, Batman? I know there is Batman(duh), but isn't he also the star of Detective Comics, as well as a few others? I guess what I am asking is how many comics do these 4 characters star in over the course of a month, not counting team books, and which of these comics would you consider the best?


  1. I've been thinking so hard about a recommendation for you among the heroes you've mentioned... and it all depends. It's a strange time to jump onto any book at DC. If you go with Superman, or Action Comics, then you'll be in the middle of the whole New Krypton story, and you'll be hunting down a few extra issues, including Supergirl and some one-shots. But if you get into Batman, then you'll be catching the tail end of R.I.P., a story which is (from what I keep reading) "ending Batman as we know him." Detective Comics, which does currently star Batman, may even be changing formats. The Green Lantern books are leading into the Blackest Night, which is the next big DC event after Final Crisis.

    So there are two things I would suggest, either you can jump right in and try to pick up the storylines where they are (I've been reading Batman R.I.P., and it's just starting to make sense), or just wait till Final Crisis is over and see how these books change.

  2. I think all the rhetoric I've been hearing from the Batman writers, mainly Grant Morrison, really has gotten me interested in what he has planned for Batman/Bruce Wayne.

    I guess my main question to you would be, what comic should I pick up in order to get the main story out of Batman R.I.P. Is it in "Batman" or "Detective Comics", or something else.

    I have the Nightwing and Robin crossovers in Bat R.I.P., but haven't read them yet. So, should I try to track down Batman, Detective Comics, or both? Thanks for trying to help me out here Kello. As always, your help and insight is greatly appreciated.

  3. You should follow up on Wonder Woman. The story lines are a little confused but they're finding they're way. The recent 25 26 'movie issues' were the best so far.

  4. Thanks for the comment Stargazer. It's always nice to see a new person comment here! I've actually been searching E-Bay for the full run of the current Wonder Woman series. Out of Bats and G.L., Wonder Woman seems to be the easiest(and cheapest!)to follow(Plus I'm a pretty big fan of Gail Simone's writing).

    Most likely though, I'll probably wind up collecting Batman, G.L. and Wonder Woman. I just need to cut some books I'm currently reading, which is always kind of hard.