Friday, November 7, 2008

Titans #6

And with this issue I am finally caught up with this series!
Overall- Yep, Raven went all out, ranting, raving, super-villain evil again. She gathers all her brothers together, each one holding the power of a deadly sin. While she plots her next move, the Titans learn of Raven's betrayal and Donna tells the team that Raven had a contingency plan in case she ever went over to the dark side again. That's just sad, when you have to plan that you might go unexpectedly evil again.

Anyway, Donna uses the contingency plan, which is a gem that can locate Raven where ever she goes, and the Titans battle the sons of Trigon while Raven watches. The Trigon spawn wipes the floor with the Titans, and before the sons of Trigon can do any serious damage, Raven attacks her half-brothers and steals their powers.

Since she's still evil, Raven plans to enslave the Earth, but with the Titans by her side and she begins to pass out her half-brother's powers to her Titan teammates. Even in her warped, crazy state, Raven still considers the Titans her real family, and wants to rule the Earth with them by her side. As things start to look hopeless, Raven's good side emerges from the gem she gave Donna, and battles evil Raven for control. This was also a part of Raven's contingency plan apparently.

Ultimately, good overcomes evil, and Raven reverts back to her regular, non-genocidal self. In the aftermath, Raven entrusts each of her teammates with a magical item that would be capable of killing her next time she goes crazy, and let's face it, there will be a next time. The Titans don't like it, but they agree to take the weapons, since Raven said she couldn't trust herself around them unless they had protection against her.

As the issue comes to a close, the Titans discover the deceased Superboy's clone Match walking around the hallways looking for help. Match explains that he is really Jericho, and he is trapped in Match's decaying body. Hey, kudos to Judd Winick(series writer)for remembering that Jericho was indeed trapped in Match's body a while ago in an issue of Teen Titans. I love it when a writer pulls an old story point out like this one. It always bothered me that Match/Jericho just kind of vanished from the Teen Titan comic book, after the battle with Deathstroke.

As for a score for this issue I guess I'll give it a 7 out of 10... It's funny, I had a really tough time scoring this comic... I easily could have given it a higher or lower score. A 7 is a good middle ground number.

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