Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightwing #73

Overall- Alright! Finally, the story comes out with this issue. Apparently, Bludhaven's corrupt police chief Redhorn's wife has a journal that chronicled a lot of his rise within the Bludhaven police force.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Redhorn didn't realize the massive amount of corrupt people her husband made deals with. All the names of these criminals are listed in her journal, so now Redhorn has been tasked by Blockbuster to kill Mrs. Redhorn and eradicate all evidence of the journal, since it could incriminate Blockbuster as well as half of Bludhaven apparently.

Dick finally learns about the journal from some of Redhorn's goons, after he roughs them up a bit. Mrs. Redhorn is continuing to run through Europe in a vain attempt to escape the many people trying to kill her. She is also apparently terrified of Nightwing as well, and won't accept help from him. Dick decides that to win her trust, he'll have to do it out of costume, and pretends to be a bumbling waiter. Mrs. Redhorn is happy to find another American in Paris, and Dick might finally have found a way to speak/help Mrs. Redhorn, with out terrifying her.

Story wise, I was happy to see things starting to come together, even though I was a little surprised Dick would be willing to speak to Mrs. Redhorn without any type of disguise at all... What would the Batman say! For a score, I'll move up to a 6 1/2 since the story is finally making sense.

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