Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nightwing #77

Overall- I'll get through all of these Nightwing comics yet! Alright, Devin Grayson's writing is really starting to hit it's stride here! Sgt. Amy is now Capt. Amy, and partners Dick up with a rookie cop who took a beating from some of the more homophobic boys in blue before Dick arrived to defuse the situation.

It was interesting that Capt. Amy wanted to make sure Dick kept working days, almost as if she knew he was otherwise occupied at night. Hmmmm.... Anyway, Dick once again runs into the new Tarantula, who turns out to be way more ruthless then Dick is accepting of. She seems willing to shoot a drug dealer, and engages in other behavior that Dick doesn't approve of. So what does Dick say to Tarantula? Come on, he was raised and trained by Batman you can guess what he tells her... Dick BANS her from working in Bludhaven! HA, you gotta love the way Batman and his associates feel they can just ban people from doing stuff!

Oh man Dick, don't turn into Batman! As the issue comes to a close, Dick discovers a body in the sewers, which leaves me with a cliff hanger ending... You know, I really didn't want to read another Nightwing comic right now... Now, I have to read the next issue to see whose body Dick discovered. My guess is it's either Nite-Wing, Torque or both. As for a score for this issue, I'll give it a very good 8 out of 10.

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