Monday, November 10, 2008

Nightwing #79

Overall- Eh, this story didn't really do much for me. This issue basically dealt with Nightwing somehow realizing that the problem with the Bludhaven Police Force was the fact that the soda they were consuming was laced with a designer steroid. How Dick comes to this conclusion is never really explained... I know he was trained by Batman, arguably the worlds greatest detective, but all of a sudden Dick just KNOWS that the soda is the culprit. OOOOOOK.

Upon further investigating, Dick discovers the creator of the toxic soda all alone in the soda manufacturing plant. Dick confronts the guy and the guy admits to lacing the soda with an experimental steroid. Dick decides to arrest him, but the soda creator takes a drink of some of his product and gets more pumped up then the Hulk. WHAAAAT??? Why the hell did the drink do that to him? The other people who drank the tainted soda didn't instantaneously become giant hulks... Anyway, Dick uses this to his advantage, and lets the guy wreck the warehouse before arresting him after the drink's effects had worn off.

Also during this issue, Dick has a date with Babs, but acts like he'd rather be elsewhere, and continuously checks his watch. Babs notices this and ends the date soon thereafter. Where did that come from??? Man, Dick was acting like a total jerk here.

This was a pretty weak story, that really was kind of doomed from the start. A steroid laced soda? I don't think so... I guess the best thing I can say about this issue is that on the last page Deathstroke appeared, hanging out at Dick's apartment as Dick arrived home. At least the next issue should be a lot better, considering Deathstroke is in it. At least I hope so. For a score this comic can have a 4 out of 10.

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