Sunday, November 9, 2008

Daredevil #112

Overall- Another very good comic book, but Ed Brubaker was writing it, so I don't think anyone should be surprised. After the news breaks out that Daredevil killed 2 street thugs the prior night, the cops show up at Matt Murdoch's residence in the morning to take him in for questioning, since Matt's secret identity is the worst kept secret in comics.

Of course, we know that Matt didn't commit the murders, because 1, Lady Bullseye committed the crimes to distract Matt from her plans, and 2, Matt was busy cheating on his wife with Dakota North the night in question. Anyway, Matt goes with the police without incident, but is soon released after Dakota vouches for him, stating that Matt was with her all night.

Matt isn't pleased that Dakota told the cops that they were together the night of the murders, because after all, Matt is a married man. While Matt is getting released from prison, Lady Bullseye supervises Hand ninjas as they attack first The Black Tarantula, then Iron Fist. After watching the way her two targets fight the ninjas, Lady Bullseye leaves, gaining knowledge of her foes, which is all she seemed to be looking for, for now...

Anyway, as Matt and Dakota return to Matt's place, they find an elderly Asian man rummaging through Matt's refrigerator along with Black Tarantula tied up and unconscious on the floor. When Matt questions the old man as to what he is doing there, the old man responds that he is there to help Matt destroy the Hand, after a beer of course.

What can I say here. This comic book was a great read, as is petty much anything written by Ed Brubaker. Besides Geoff Johns, Ed Brubaker is probably the best writer in comic books right now. I mean that sincerely. One of the best, hands down, and this issue goes a long way in proving my point. I can't really find anything to nitpick about. The only thing that is bothering me is Matt's affair with Dakota, but Matt's disgusted reaction with himself goes a long way in redeeming his actions, if not forgiving them.

The affair is the only black cloud hanging over this comic book right now. I just don't see it in Matt's character to have a fling like that. I understand that he is miserable for doing it, but it just really bugs me... As for a score here, this comic easily gets a 9 out of 10. As the story moves on, I can easily see myself giving out my first 10 out of 10 very soon, because I am enjoying this comic book immensely, and can't wait for the inevitable confrontation between Matt and Lady Bullseye.

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