Thursday, November 13, 2008

Legion of Super-Heroes #47

Overall- It's hard for me to explain why I enjoy the Legion so much, but I really do enjoy reading this comic. Basically, this comic dealt with Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl, who although she is dead on the physical plane of existence, lives on in Brainiac 5's dreams. Brainiac 5 is pretty much nasty, gruff and acts intellectually superior to everybody except for Dream Girl, who he seems to really care for.

Brainy decides to find a clairvoyant, so he can bring Dream Girl to this plane of existence in the body of the clairvoyant. Anyway, the clairvoyant succeeds and Dream Girl possesses the clairvoyant's body. Brainy and Dream Girl have their date, and we find out that Brainy is quite the wild man in bed, who'd of thought that?

After returning back to the Legion base, Brainy falls asleep so he can see Dream Girl again. While there, he drops to one knee and proposes to Dream Girl, who readily accepts. Before they can embrace, they are attacked by some monstrous creatures that represent the more evil aspects of Brainy's personality. The evil creatures beat on Brainy and Dream Girl, before Brainy realizes that this is his mind, and re-exerts his control, forcing the nightmare creatures back to the recesses of his mind.

He rushes over to Dream Girl who reveals to Brainy that the creatures hadn't killed her, but did rob her of her special power, which was to see into the near future. Later in the issue, we discover that it was Princess Projectra, a fellow Legionnaire who using her powers of magic and illusions, set the creatures loose in Brainy's mind for the express purpose of killing Dream Girl, since Dream Girl might have been able to see what nefarious plan the Princess was concocting. Projectra was satisfied that Dream Girl lost her second sight and would be unable to warn Brainy and the Legion of whatever evil plan she is up to. The comic ends with one of the creatures from Brainy's mind escaping into the real world.

As always. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed this comic book. It was nice to see Brainy actually acting human, as opposed to disconnected and aloof as he usually is. Projectra turning evil is a mild surprise, but it was obvious that since the destruction of her home world, she had been suffering.

She seems to have become obsessed with an old Superman comic book in which Brainiac(the original one)loses his home world, and tries to take the Earth over to replace his lost world. Obviously, Projectra, along with a few survivors from her home world seem to be intent on perfecting Brainiac 1's failed world conquering scheme.

I've heard that the Legion comic might be on it's way out, and I really hope that isn't the case. With that being said, I'll give this comic a score of 8 out of 10. I've always liked Brainiac 5, maybe more then the rest of the team, and was glad to see him as the focus of this issue.

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