Saturday, November 15, 2008

Final Crisis:Rage of the Red Lanterns.

Man, I am TIRED! Once I read this comic, I plan on sleeping for at least 12 hours straight... HA, like that will happen! Anyway, nobody wants to listen to me talk to myself, so on with the review.
Overall- Maybe I have no idea as to what was going on in this comic book because of the fact that I've barely slept this past week, well, either that, or this comic book was just very confusing. Apparently, the Green Lanterns have captured Sinistro and are bringing him to a world he attacked to execute him there.

As the convoy moves through space, the GL's are attacked by the yellow ring wearing Sinistro Corps members, who have arrived to spring Sinistro. While the Green and Yellow Lanterns battled, a new group of Red ring wearing aliens arrive on the scene, and state that they will have the pleasure of killing Sinistro. With that said, the Red Lanterns tear into all the other Lanterns, Green or Yellow, and capture Sinistro.

Hal Jordan nearly blacks out, but awakens as his ring doubles in power levels. Hal looks back to find Saint Walker, the Blue Lantern, whoever THAT is supposed to be. This issue sets up the next big Green Lantern comic event, which is cool and all, but it had pretty much nothing to do with Final Crisis! Why did this comic have the Final Crisis banner? I don't get it... Maybe in the main Final Crisis series these Red Lanterns will show up? That seems unlikely, since they next show up in Hal's Green Lantern comic. What I really got out of this was that there were a whole hell of a lot more power rings in the universe then I would have thought possible... Geez, pick a color, and I'm sure that color has it's own ring somewhere in the DCU!

This story was pretty good, if a bit confusing to a novice Green Lantern reader. I am interested in picking up the next issue of Green Lantern to see what happens next, so if that was the purpose of putting the misleading Final Crisis banner on this comic, then they tricked me good! For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10.

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