Monday, November 24, 2008

Nightwing #100

Overall- For a double sized issue, this comic moved pretty fast. So, I'll go through it just as quickly. Nightwing finally realizes that Tarantula should be in prison for Blockbuster's murder, and decides to take her in. They fight, but even with a bum leg, Dick is able to take Tarantula down with a minimum of trouble. It's about F###ing time Tarantula ends up where she belongs. Dick asks Tarantula not to reveal his Nightwing identity to the cops, but to tell them everything else.

Dick also turns himself in as an accomplice to the death of Blockbuster, since he still feels that he should have prevented Tarantula from murdering Blockbuster. While sitting in a prison cell, Dick is led out by some cops, who continuously refer to him as Detective Grayson. Dick then learns that his old friend and partner in the Bludhaven Police Department, Capt. Amy, falsified some records on his behalf to make it look like he was a detective working undercover to bust both Blockbuster and Tarantula.

Dick being an ungrateful a##hole, storms into Capt. Amy's office and complains that he wanted to go to prison for his inaction in Blockbuster's death. Capt. Amy tells Dick that he could do a lot more good outside the walls of a prison then in them, and after Dick continues to whine, she throws him out of her office. The issue concludes with Alfred cleaning the Batcave, and finding Dick's discarded Nightwing outfit laying on the floor besides the memorial to Jason Todd.

First things first. THANK GOD TARANTULA IS FINALLY OUT OF THIS COMIC BOOK!!!!! OK, with that out of my system, onto my other thoughts on this comic. Dick still continues to annoy me with his whiny attitude. I don't know what happened to the old, sure of himself Nightwing, but hopefully he comes back soon.

I personally think it's funny the way DC completely ignores the part of Dick and Tarantula's relationship that dealt with the rape scene. I don't understand why they went through with the rape and I guess I never will. It seems to me that DC would just prefer to forget about the whole ugly incident, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tarantula doesn't make an appearance anytime soon in the Nightwing comic series.

We obviously know that Dick doesn't give up being Nightwing for long, since he is still Nightwing to this day, so I'll be interested to see where the story goes from here. For a score, I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10. The story was a nice, fast paced read, that finally got rid of Tarantula(yes, I really do hate her), but still has Dick moping around like a whiny teenager, as opposed to the grown man he used to be.

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