Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nightwing #91

Overall- In this issue, Dick pretty much decimates Shrike, which was kind of disappointing, seeing as that the first time they fought, Shrike actually managed to not only defeat Dick, but unmask him as well. After dealing with Shrike, Dick searches Blockbuster's mansion, only to find out that Blockbuster is nowhere to be found.

We find out that Dick has been sleeping on rooftops since his apartment was blown up... I guess he forgot he was a million/billionaire... Anyway, he goes to the funeral for all the tenants at the apartment, and runs into Catalina Tores, AKA Tarantula, who was paying her respects to John Law, the first Tarantula. Naturally, Dick lets her walk again, because... Well, I'm not really sure why. He knows she was working for Blockbuster, they fought several times, at least put a beating on her!

Anyway, the reporter who has been hounding Dick recently, Maxine Michaels, arrives at the cemetery to see if Dick was alright. As Dick leaves, Maxine comes to some kind of realization and rushes to the police station where Dick used to work, telling Capt. Amy to evacuate the place because it would be the next place Blockbuster would strike. That does make sense, since Blockbuster knows Dick was a cop.

Also in this issue, Capt. Amy finds Dick and asks him to rejoin the force. Dick refuses, telling her he still has unfinished business with Blockbuster. Amy offers to lend him assistance, but Dick refuses, stating that the thing between him and Blockbuster is personal, and only he could deal with it.

This issue was alright, I guess... It wasn't as good as the last issue, and I wasn't overly pleased with how easily Dick beat Shrike or the fact that Dick still has yet to take any action against Tarantula, who he KNOWS is a killer. I guess for a score I'll go with a 6 1/2 out of 10. I'm starting to get a little impatient waiting for the inevitable confrontation between Dick and Blockbuster though...

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