Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nightwing: The Target

Overall- This comic took place I'd guess around Nightwing #60 or so, so it's older then the Nightwing stuff I'm currently reading. The story revolves around Officer Dick Grayson, as opposed to his alter-ego, Nightwing. Upon arriving at work one night, Dick is told by his partner, Sgt. Amy that he'll have to go patrolling solo, due to the fact that she has a load of paperwork to catch up on. Dick goes out, and at sees some of his fellow officers chasing 2 suspects. Dick decides to assist and winds up following his fellow officers and the suspects into an underground lair at the Zee Moores project building. As Dick goes underground, he witnesses 4 cops beating the hell out of 2 people. After watching shocked for a moment, Dick jumps in and pulls the crazed cops off. For this action, he gets smashed in the back of the head by one of the cop's guns, and awakens in the hospital.

While there, he is told one of the people getting beaten had died, and the 4 other cops were saying that Dick was the cop responsible. So, Dick gets suspended from the force, and has to try to find a way to clear his name, without connecting Dick Grayson to Nightwing. Dick decides to create a new masked vigilante named the Target, and goes about trying to clear his name. As luck would have it, the men the cops were beating to death weren't the guys they were trying to catch, so Dick tries to find the original suspects the cops were chasing down that fateful night. While investigating, Dick learns the 4 dirty cops were working as muscle for a local drug lord named Binh Dan.

Binh sent the cops to kill the original 2 suspects, because they were stealing drugs and money from him. The Target confronts Binh at one of his bases, and gets him to implicate the dirty cops by threatening to torch Binh's drug money. After getting the information he wants from Binh, Dick torches the money anyway, and starts a raging fire at the drug warehouse. Meanwhile, Dick's partner, Sgt. Amy, winds up finding the original 2 suspects hiding out, since she believed Dick was innocent from the start.

Upon arriving at the warehouse fire, the dirty cops and Binh's men start to fight, after Binh blames them for his lost money, and the Target manages to keep them all from killing each other. After some time, other cops arrive on the scene, thanks to the fire from the burning warehouse, and take in both Binh's men as well as the 4 dirty cops. With Binh, as well as the 2 suspects in custody, Dick's name is cleared, and he is reinstated to the police force, while the 4 dirty cops wind up getting charged with the murder. With that, we have our happy ending.

I liked this comic. I didn't love it, but I did like it. It was a fun read, which is the important thing. I have NO idea why this wasn't actually in the Nightwing series, but whatever I guess. I liked when Batman stopped by after Dick is released from police custody, and #####es about Dick getting involved in this whole situation. I wonder what exactly goes on in Batman's head sometimes. I guess he must feel that he never does anything wrong. Anyway, I had no real problems with this comic, besides how neatly everything wrapped up, so for a score, I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10.

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