Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nightwing #74

Overall- Dick manages to get his hands on the journal of Mrs. Redhorn, which gets her out of harms way, and puts the villains on his trail, which he is more than happy about. Dick easily dispatches Lady Vic and Brutale, two goons sent by Blockbuster to acquire the journal.

After making sure Mrs. Redhorn is safe, and getting Alfred to fly over to trick Mrs. Redhorn into thinking Dick was an agent of Interpol, Dick returns to Bludhaven and gives the journal over to Sgt. Amy, while dressed as Nightwing of course.

Also of note in this issue is the murder of dirty police chief Redhorn. It looks as if somebody, probably Blockbuster, thought Redhorn was going to turn himself in and incriminate everyone in the 'Haven, so Redhorn was found brutally murdered right in his office at the Bludhaven police department.

With the journal in the hands of the good cops and Chief Redhorn dead, the good cops should be able to root out the rampant corruption in Bludhaven. If that does happen, I would imagine that Dick would quit the force, since the only reason he joined was to try to root out the corruption from the inside.

Story wise, I was sad to see Redhorn go, I liked his role as the evil police chief, but all in all the story wasn't terrible. There were plenty of leaps of faith, such as Dick going around Mrs. Redhorn out of costume, and his extended disappearance from his day job, but the story was enjoyable. I'll give it a 6 out of 10.

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