Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nightwing #76

Overall- Those blasted dirty Bludhaven cops are at it again! This time, a group of them try to kill Sgt. Amy and her family while they sleep, as retribution for her turning the Redhorn journal over to the Feds.

Luckily for Sgt. Amy and family Nightwing is at the scene... Why he's there I don't think was ever explained. I guess Dick just felt that the bad cops would make a move on Amy eventually. Dick manages to get Amy and her family to safety before the dirty cops blow her house up. While Amy makes her getaway, Dick tries to stop the bad cops, but they manage to knock him off his bike and escape. That actually sounds REALLY embarrassing... They knock him off his bike and escape??? HA HA HA! Great going there Dick! Somewhere, Batman is just shaking his head...

The next day, Dick has a heart to heart with Sgt. Amy about how justice is better then revenge and how she help inspired him to be a better cop. Amy says that she was considering going after the cops who blew up her home and tried to kill her kids, but thanks to Dick's words, she was now going to accept the position of Captain within the Bludhaven police department. That's Dick Grayson, motivational speaker extraordinaire!

This was a really good comic, with a good mix of action and words. For a score I'd give it a very solid 7 1/2 out of 10.

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