Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nightwing #99 plus, as a bonus, a rant against Devin Grayson!

Overall- I've been pretty tough on these Nightwing comic books recently, but with damn good reason. Dick's actions the past several issues have become absolutely ridiculous, and the way Tarantula is being portrayed has been ####ing ludicrous. She murders Blockbuster in cold blood, and then rapes Dick all over the course of a few pages, and then she's portrayed as one of the good guys?!?!?!?! What the ####!!!! With that said, this particular issue actually wasn't all that bad. Or to put it better, wasn't nearly as bad as the previous Nightwing's have been.

This comic deals mainly with Dick recuperating from the gunshot wound he suffered over the course of the Batman: War Games crossover. Dick is staying at Wayne Manor, and is being looked after by Alfred. Alfred is very stressed out, understandably so after War Games, and basically tells Dick, who is still feeling guilty about Blockbuster's murder, to face whatever demons are plaguing him, before they devour him.

Later, Batman returns home and tells Dick that Spoiler was dead, and that everyone else had left or abandoned him, stating that basically it was only the 2 of them. Wow, you don't see Batman let down his defenses like that all that often. Dick tries to whine to Batman about his troubles, but Batman ignores him and begins to give Dick the rundown about what's been going on in the streets of Gotham while Dick was laid up. Dick cuts out on Batman, and the comic book closes with Batman standing alone in the Batcave.

OK, before I go any further, I want anybody reading this to know that I completely ignored everything involving Tarantula this issue. Why you ask? Because her parts were so horrible that I can't even bring myself to acknowledge them. Basically she b####es at Batman about how Batman doesn't understand the common man. Well, f### you Tarantula. How can Devin Grayson(series writer)possibly have a character like Tarantula tell off Batman??? Tarantula is a MURDERER and RAPIST!!!!! How the hell can Devin possibly think it's acceptable to show Tarantula as anything but an evil, villainous character? The sooner Tarantula is out of the pages of these comics the better...

I think I can fairly say that Devin Grayson has done a horrible job overall with this comic book since she took it over a good 25+ issues ago. While Chuck Dixon was the "Nightwing" writer, Dick was shown as a strong, independent character, who occasionally had moments of self doubt, but was always able to stand on his own 2 feet. Devin, on the other hand, has presented Dick as a weak, whiny character, who is incapable of making the right decisions, and unable to deal with the repercussions of his poor decisions. Now, I'm not saying Devin is a bad writer, I'm just saying that thus far, her work on Nightwing has been a terrible disappointment. Chuck Dixon left behind a very good, competent character when he left this comic book, and Devin Grayson transformed Dick Grayson into a whiny pain in the ass, in plain english. I honestly used to look forward to reading this comic series, but now, I'm just trying to get through these Nightwing comic books, so I can put them away for a good, long time. That's really too bad, because this series used to be really good... Hopefully, after issue #100, Tarantula will go away, and Dick will regain some semblance to the character he was...

For a score, I'm willing to go as high as a 7 out of 10 for this issue. If not for the Tarantula related stuff, I'd have scored it even higher.

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