Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nightwing #75

Overall- This is a special "Extra-Sized Issue"... I don't think I've ever heard a comic called "Extra-Sized" before. It's usually "Double-Sized", isn't it? Oh well, on with the pseudo review of this comic.

The main gist of this issue deals with the fallout from the Feds getting their hands on the journal of the wife of the now deceased Police Chief Redhorn. The journal implicates several police officers in Bludhaven, which leads to several Bludhaven cops getting called in to answer questions about the corruption charges leveled against their department. In the end, 56 cops are indited, and 72 are asked to voluntarily retire. That's ALOT of corrupt cops!

Anyway, Dick is wrestling with whether or not he should leave the B.P.D. Originally, he only planned to stay on as long as it took to expose the corruption, but the job has grown on him. Batman, of course wants him to quit, since Bats never liked the idea of Dick joining the force to begin with, but Dick is conflicted.

Also important in this issue is the appearance of the new female Tarantula. She meets Nightwing while he is taking down some of the corrupt cops and she helps him out. Dick tries to convince Tarantula that the 'Haven is too dangerous for newbies, but Tarantula says she's been living in Bludhaven all her life and is ready for anything the city throws at her. Dick tells her she should quit the vigilante life and instead take a job with the B.P.D. since they'll be looking for good people to replace all of the dirty cops. Tarantula says she'll think about it, which is good enough for Dick.

This was a pretty good comic, as I can see that Devin Grayson(Series Writer) is wrapping up the stuff she doesn't want Dick involved in, such as the police job, while she introduces her own ideas into the comic. As for a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10.

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