Monday, November 17, 2008

Hawkeye, Not Just a Master Archer...

Along with being the greatest archer in the Marvel Universe, Clint Barton is also a master of disguise, as evident from some of these older issues of Captain America.
Above, we have the Golden Archer, who menaced Cap back in one of Cap's comics in the 1970's. My favorite thing about the Golden Archer, is the fact that he talks like Thor throughout the entire comic.
Yes Cap, the Golden Archer was in actuality Hawkeye, who somehow managed to fit his entire Hawkeye mask under his fake Golden Archer mask, which to me at least is pretty damn impressive. What exactly does Clint mean by "How's tricks?".
Next up, we have Captain America on the trail of Father Time. Notice Father Time's face, which although shrouded in shadow, was still mostly visible.
Yep Cap, Clint got you again. You'd think that after being teammates FOREVER, Cap would have been able to figure out that Father Time was Hawkeye, who once again managed to fit his entire Hawkeye mask underneath the Father Time mask... How does he do that?!?! I really got a kick out of Cap's shocked expression here. God, I really loved the old issues of Captain America... So, there you have it everybody, Clint Barton, Master of Disguise!

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