Thursday, November 6, 2008

Exactly what comic books do I buy every month...

As a self professed comic book junkie, I think I should probably list exactly what I buy every month, as well as whether or not I actually read the comics I purchase. I think I'll start with Marvel.


Astonishing X-Men- I actually haven't read this comic since Warren Ellis picked up the writing chores, so I think I am about 3 months behind or so.

Cable- I haven't read ONE single issue of Cable since its inception... Why you ask? Because it is a continuation from my Cable/Deadpool subscription. When Cable/Deadpool was cancelled, Marvel switched the remainder of that subscription to Cable. One day I'll READ this comic...

Captain America- This is probably one of my favorite comics right now, period. Once this one arrives in the mail, I read it immediately.

Daredevil- I actually really have been enjoying this comic, but for some reason, I've gotten very behind in reading it. I think I haven't opened the last 4 months of Daredevil for some strange reason... I should really rectify that...

Fantastic Four- I've always loved the FF, but I haven't read an FF comic in about 5 months... They are neatly piled up in my place somewhere, but I'm not really in a rush to dig them out...

Mighty Avengers- I actually only buy this comic because my sister likes it... She asks me to buy it for her monthly, and being the wonderful brother I am(egotistical, aren't I?)I always make sure to purchase it. I've only read this comic in a very spotty fashion. To be perfectly honest, I've only read the last 6 issues or so...

Moon Knight- Moon Knight is one of those strange comic books where I don't know what the hell is going on most of the time, but I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Khonshu is maybe the best supporting characters in all of comics. I should really try to read this comic more often, I've missed the last 3 months or so.

New Avengers- Ah, New Avengers... I pick up this comic monthly, but often times I dread reading it. Brian Bendis seems to find new ways every issue to destroy pre-existing Avengers mythos, so I always fear what I'll read inside. Unfortunately, the masochist/Avenger fan in me won't stop collecting this comic... I actually haven't opened any of my New Avengers since Secret Invasion started, which is like 6 months ago, so I'm WAY behind.

Punisher War Journal- I've consistently enjoyed this comic, but I can't stand the artwork! This is a comic that I read on a pretty regular monthly basis.

Runaways- Damn you Joss Whedon! This used to be one of my favorite comics, that is until Joss took it over... Then instead of coming out monthly, Runaways would come out maybe once every 4 months!!! I haven't read the last 8 issues of this series, because of the spotty way it's been released. Now that Whedon is off the book though, I should really start to read this comic again, before my pile of Runaways grows any larger...

She-Hulk- I read She-Hulk, because I think Dan Slott did an amazing job with this comic. When he left the book and Peter David took over, I was optimistic beyond words! However David's run has been a bit of a letdown... Still, this is one of the Marvel books I make sure to read every month.

Thunderbolts- This comic has come so close to my chopping block that I'm actually surprised I still buy it... If not for Christos Gage's wonderful writing the past few issues, I think I would have dropped this title a while ago. This Thunderbolts team is nothing like the Thunderbolts team I used to love to read about... Oh, and Bullseye paralyzing Jack Flag was one of the moments that pissed me off the most in recent comic book history...

The Ultimate titles- I used to collect all of the Ultimate titles, but with my recent discovery of the DC Universe, I've stopped collecting all of these titles, instead putting the money formerly spent here into DC Comics. The Ultimates as a great title though... I still have a lot of Ultimate related comic books sitting around that on a rainy day I guess I'll probably read... Maybe...

Uncanny X-Men- I'll always be a huge fan of the X-Men, no matter how badly Marvel ####'s up the mutant world. I always try to read this book on a monthly basis.

Wolverine- This is another example of me being loyal to a comic that doesn't necessarily deserve my loyalty. I try to read this comic every month, but occasionally fall behind, although, I've been enjoying the recent storyline in Wolvie's comic, so go figure...

Wolverine:Origins- This comic book has impressed me since it's beginning, and I've basically enjoyed almost ever issue. This one gets read monthly.

X-Factor- I read X-Factor monthly because of my love for the writing of Peter David. However, lately, I haven't been overly impressed with this comic... That doesn't mean I won't continue to read it once it comes out.

X-Force- I've collected this comic since it began, but, I haven't read any issue except for the first issue. The concept of the team is wrong, as well as my hatred for Chris Yost and X-23. I'll probably continue to collect this comic until my subscription runs out, and if I'm some how blown away by these issues, I'll renew, but I don't think that will be happening.

X-Men:Legacy- I've either really liked this comic, I'm a huge fan of Prof. X, or I've really, REALLY hated it. Being an X-Men comic, I'll continue to collect this as well as read it on a monthly basis.

Avengers:The Initiative- I LOVED this comic, especially the early issues. Dan Slott did a great job with making me care about these new characters, but since he left the comic, my interest in this comic has waned... I haven't read an issue in bout 4 months or so, but eventually, I will.

Marvel Zombies 3- The only reason I collect this comic is because my little brother loves the Marvel Zombies series... I haven't even read Marvel Zombies 2 yet...

Deadpool- I like Deadpool, I always have, but I haven't read one single issue of his new series yet... I own them, but I just haven't read them...

Nova- This has been consistently one of my absolute favorite comics every month. I ALWAYS read it once it comes out every month!

Secret Invasion- I've collected all the main Secret Invasion titles, along with some very select crossovers. I haven't read Secret Invasion since issue #4, so I've got a lot of catching up to do... I also have been collecting the X-Men Secret Invasion comics, even though I haven't read a single issue yet.

Ghost Rider:Danny Ketch- I've collected the first issue of this series, and will probably collect the whole mini-series before I get around to reading it.

Guardians of the Galaxy- Another comic I really enjoy reading every month, although, I've fallen about 3 months behind in my reading of this great comic. This is another comic I should pick up from my comic pile...

DC Comics

Justice Society of America- Maybe the best comic book on the market today!!! I read this comic once it comes out, every month. Geoff Johns, you are a genius!

Final Crisis- I read every Final Crisis comics as well as all of the crossovers. I've actually just recently caught up on reading every one of the Final Crisis comics, and I intend to stay up to date with these comics.

Nightwing- I will not read the new issues of Nightwing, until I catch up with the entire series. I'm about half way through, but I've been collecting all of the new Nightwing comics in preparation for getting to the new ones.

Robin- This is another comic I collect for my sister. She is a huge Robin fan, so I buy the Robin comics monthly, even though I haven't read one single Robin comic, I do collect them.

Secret Six- I love this comic, and make sure to read it once I get my hands on it. This comic doesn't sit in my pile for a long time.

Green Arrow/Black Canary- Another comic I love and read once I get my hands on it, even though, the end of the recent story line did kind of annoy me...

Teen Titans- Even though I haven't really liked the way this comic has going lately, I still collect this comic. I hope that this comic starts to pick up a little.

Terror Titans- I'm collecting this mini series mainly because I like the character of Ravenger so much! I probably will wind up waiting until I have the whole mini-series until I read this series.

Trinity- This is probably the weirdest thing I collect... I have everyone of these comics, which now number about 20 or so, but I haven't bothered to read a single one yet... Why am I collecting these issues, I have no idea!

Birds of Prey- This is another comic I look forward I look forward to every month. I love Huntress and Barbara Gordon, even though, the other members of the team don't do much for me.

Legion of Super Heroes- I love this comic, and have collected all 40 something issues, and enjoyed them all thoroughly. I hear that it might be coming to an end soon, but I truly hope not...

Titans- I've collected every issue of the Titans, but I just haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I think I'll start to read those pretty soon...

Flash- The Flash is one of my favorite DC heroes, and I make sure to read any Flash comic I can get my hands on immediately. Even though I dread what might happen to Wally West, I am hopeful that the Flash comic will carry on.

Justice League of America- I've been reading this comic since its relaunch and have been enjoying it since issue #0, except for the last issue, #25, which was horrifyingly bad! Regardless, I'll continue to read the JLA monthly.

Boy, that is a lot of comic books! If anybody takes the time to read this and you are reading a great comic that I don't have listed, please give me a heads up, I always love to add new comics to my ever growing collection.


  1. Oh, and by the way, the above list doesn't even count the back issues or stuff I manage to get off of eBay...

    But, to temper things a bit, I have a subscription for most of the Marvel titles, so its not like I'm actually paying for those comics on a monthly basis.

  2. I think you may have been better off to post what comics you don't read. But all kidding aside, I'm glad you posted this, because now I'll stop suggesting you read JSA. I have to agree with a lot of your picks, and implore you to read Daredevil. I haven't read it since issue 103, and I wish I could still afford it. I totally agree about Punisher War Journal. That is one book where the art has affected my enjoyment of the overall product. I think it's funny you haven't read Trinity yet, sometimes it's better to read it all at once, so you don't have to have that "what happens next?" anxiety. That's how I read 52 when it came out, and I liked it a lot.

  3. Yeah, once I'm done reading the Titans, which I should have finished and posted by the end of tonight, I think I'm definitely going to move on to Daredevil. Ed Brubaker was really doing some great writing on that book. I don't know how I let that comic fall off my radar...

    I'm glad you agreed with me on Punisher War Journal! For me, the first thing I pay attention to in a comic is the story, then, the art, but PWJ's art is SO bad, that it really takes something away from the story.

    As for Trinity, I kind of feel that I should at least read 1 issue of that series, just to see if I like it! It would be funny if I brought the whole series, and then hated it!

    Anyway, I read 52 the same way as you, because I brought the whole series off of eBay. I enjoyed reading it all at once so much, that whenever I buy a mini-series now, I try to hold off until I have at least most of the series before reading it.

    Well, thanks for commenting Kello, and like I said, I will definitly try to get to those Daredevil's soon.

  4. Nice summation here X-Man. I don't follow any of the X-Men titles currently. But, I used to be crazy with the "X" titles when I first got into comics (early '90s). Back then, they, along with a few, new Image titles were the only books worth reading.

    Glad to see you're reading Titans and GA/BC. I'm loving both of these. I've heard a lot of negative criticism regarding Judd Winick, but I like his sense of humor and think he's doing a good job writing both these titles. I think you'll dig Titans you're up to date.

    I just started reading Daredevil with the Lady Bullseye story (#111). I'm loving the art and story. I agree with Kello here, that it's well worth a look.

  5. Yeah, Yedna, the X-titles from the 90's are probably the comics closest to my heart, because they were the ones that really hooked me. The first comic book I ever collected was X-Men #1, with Magneto on the cover.

    I've actually managed to go back and collect every issue of X-Men, Uncanny, X-Force and X-Man from the 90's to the present. Which was one hell of a difficult feat! Out of curiosity, which X-titles were you really into?

    I actually really like Judd's work for the most part, and I LOVED his work on Batman, and am, maybe one of the few people who thought his resurrection of Jason Todd was awesome. I also really enjoyed his Trails of Shazam mini-series, as well as a bunch of his other works. So, yeah, if I see Judd's name on a comic I will usually pick it up!

    As for Daredevil, I would strongly recommend trying to get a hold of Daredevil #82 to the present. That is when Ed Brubaker took over the writing duties for DD, and he's done an awesome job throughout his run. Besides Geoff Johns, I would say Ed Brubaker is one of the most consistantly great comic book writers out there right now.

    With two endorsements to read DD, I'll definitely be reading them tomorrow! Thanks for the comments, they are always very much appreciated. It's always nice to know there are other comic book fans out there like me!

  6. I used to collect Uncanny, X-Factor, and any specials/giant books I could find. Back in the day, I had to rely on my Mom for rides to the local, comic book store, so I couldn't be a "regular" collecter back then.

    Glad to see you're caught up with Titans. Liked your reviews of #s 5 & 6. Here's hoping the stories and character development get better going forward.

  7. I used to love the X-Factor team led by Havok, the government sanctioned team. I think I collected those comics until #100, when Multiple Man was killed off.

    When I was a kid, I actually didn't collect Uncanny at all. I could only afford one X-title or the other, so I went with X-Men. Back then, I thought Gambit and Wolverine were so cool... How times change. I actually did manage to collect all the Uncanny's from the 90's about 3 years ago though.

    With the Titans, I'm kind of hoping to see Red Arrow come to the fore ground a little more. I've always liked Roy, and hate to see him get lost in the shuffle of the team.

    Thanks for commenting Yedna. I could talk about those old X-titles all day! They always bring back good memories.