Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can anyone PLEASE answer this X-Men related question???

My all time favorite character is Nate Grey, AKA X-Man. That's a given. But, there has always been one question that has haunted me about Nate ever since I'd become his #1 fan... One question that I can't explain, even though I own every single comic book Nate has EVER appeared in. If someone could give me a logical answer to this question, I would be forever in their debt, and possibly build a monument to them... Well, probably not, but I'd still be appreciative.

Now for the question that has haunted my days and nights for years now: Why is Nate Grey listed in the Official Marvel Handbook as standing at a height of 5'9", while Nathan Summers(Cable) is listed at 6'8"???

For those who do not know, Nate was created in a laboratory in an alternate dimension by Mr. Sinister using the genetic material of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Cable was born to Jean Grey's clone(who was created by Mr. Sinister)and Scott Summers in the main Marvel dimension. Now, from my understanding, that would mean that they were both created from the same exact genetic material, Scott Summers and Jean Grey, so therefore should be identical.

So, why is Nate a full foot shorter than Cable? It can't be age related, because when Nate died, I would figure his age to be between 18 and 20, so he would have been practically done growing by this point. Yes, I know that this is a pretty weird thing to obsess over, but I would think that anybody who has read any of my blog would realize that I am a pretty weird person. So, PLEASE, anybody who can shine some light on this strange situation, do so right away, so I can sleep a little easier at night! ;-)


  1. Although I know little to nothing about X-Man,I have two theories:

    1.) X-Man (unless I'm mistaken) was created in the Age of Apocolypse, so he is the correct size for that reality. Cable is from the original X-Men universe, so he is the correct size for the regular Marvel Universe.


    2.) Cable is bigger because of the techno-organic virus that affected him as he grew up. It changed his body somehow.

  2. Oh yeah, the techno-organic virus... I guess that could play a factor in things... The only problem with that is you'd think that since the virus was supposed to kill him it wouldn't radically increase Cable's size, you'd think it would stunt his growth.

    Maybe, while he was raised in the future, Cable was pumped full of growth hormones to counteract the virus. Hmmm... Well so far Kello, that's the best explanation I've heard by far.