Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nightwing #92

Overall- This comic was OK... At the police station, the reporter, Maxine Michaels, tells Capt. Amy that she knows that Dick Grayson and Nightwing are the same, and she fears that Blockbuster is going to try to blow up the police precinct to push Dick further to the edge. I swear, I think the list of people who don't know Dick is Nightwing is shorter then the list of people who do know. Amy evacuates the station house and sends in the bomb squad just in case, while giving Maxine police protection.

Dick comes up with the master plan to put a wire on himself and confront Blockbuster. To help him in this endeavor, he recruits Tarantula... Yes, that's right, the same Tarantula who has killed at least Police Chief Redhorn, as well as worked with Blockbuster to turn Dick's life into a living hell. So, Tarantula stays on the rooftop of Blockbuster's office building, while Dick strolls in and while taking a beating gets Blockbuster to admit everything he was responsible for, from the circus fire to the building explosion. You know how those bad guys are, they can't resist revealing all of their plans when asked.

Dick escapes Blockbuster's office banged up, but with enough evidence to hopefully put Blockbuster away for a long time. Tarantula and Dick bring the CD with the incriminating evidence to Tarantula's brother, District Attorney Torres, who after listening to the CD, promptly destroys it much to the shock and horror of Dick and Tarantula. Apparently, after Tarantula killed Chief Redhorn, D.A. Torres had to make some deals with Blockbuster in order to keep his sister out of prison. Tarantula storms away to kill Blockbuster while Dick sits on the floor staring into space. He snaps out of his trance when he realizes that somebody is lighting the sky with a Nightwing-signal, which is pretty much identical to the Bat-signal used to summon Batman in Gotham.

I liked the twist at the end of this comic with the D.A. being revealed as dirty. Hey, it's still Bludhaven, and practically everyone is dirty, so why shouldn't the D.A. be dirty as well. You can see that Dick is getting closer and closer to the edge with each passing issue, and it looked like towards the end of this issue he was almost ready for his own private padded room. For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10, based primarily on the surprising twist involving Tarantula's brother. I didn't see that one coming.

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