Thursday, November 6, 2008

Titans #2

Overall- This was a pretty good issue if I do say so myself, or type so myself, or well whatever... Anyway, the team, + Cyborg, who is up and about here, have been checking on various heroes, who were at one time or another were Titans.

After making sure the rest of their old teammates were fine, except for Tempest, who they couldn't locate, Raven took a trip down to her father's dimension, to find Trigon and see if he was truly the one behind the attacks. Upon arriving "home", Raven finds Trigon sitting on a throne chair in a barren desert, looking quite malnourished and not very imposing.

Raven initially surprised by her fathers predicament, asks him what happened, and discovers that Trigon had faced several wars within his realm, and was only at about 1/10th of his normal power. Raven asks if he was responsible for the attacks on the other Titans, and to her surprise, Trigon says yes, claiming that even in his diminished state, he could still conquer the Earth, as long as the Titans were out of the way. Before Raven gets out of there, Trigon drops one more bombshell, he isn't working alone, and Raven isn't his only child!

I liked the pace of the story here, and I enjoyed the bravado of Trigon, who even looking as pathetic as he did, was still attempting to kill the Titans, and take over the Earth. As for a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10.

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