Monday, November 10, 2008

Nightwing #86

Overall- Huh, OK, I think I FINALLY understand what has been bothering me about this comic. With each passing issue, Dick is becoming dumber and dumber. I could barely read this comic, because Dick's antics were pissing me off that much! What the hell has happened to this comic...

This issue basically showed Dick acting as if he were a 4 year old hopped up on sugar. He was a freaking moron! He pops in to visit Babs at three in the morning, in his Nightwing outfit, covered with blood to talk to her about his new motorcycle......... After Babs notices that his arm is looking pretty bad, she calls Alfred, who comes over to redo the stitches Dick ripped while out on patrol. Dick actually screams "OW!" as Alfred restitches the affected area.

This whole comic was kind of like taking a trip through Bizzaro world. After dealing with Dick's increasingly childish actions for as long as she could, Babs finally breaks down and appears to break up with him, telling him to go home. Well, I sure as hell can't blame her! I can't imagine her horror as she came to the realization that her boyfriend had suddenly transformed into an unruly 4 year old!

Dick's behavior in this comic was just horrifyingly wrong. I hope that there is some reason he is acting this way, and I hope it is explained really soon, because I am rapidly losing my patience with this crap. For a score, let's go with a 3 out of 10. Man, the last couple of issues have been depressingly bad...

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