Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teen Titans #64

Overall- Alright. As long as this comic deals primarily with Wonder Girl and/or Robin, I'll be happy with it. Sorry, all the Blue Beetle fans out there(if there are any...)I just don't like him. I liked the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, not this new one. I can tolerate Red Devil. That's the best thing I'm going to say about him. Luckily, a major portion of this comic book did deal with Wonder Girl, which pleased me.

Wonder Girl finally discovers why her powers have been fading away from her, thanks to her dad, Zeus. Zeus tells Cassie that her half-brother Ares had originally wanted Cassie to act as his agent on Earth. Ares figured that with all the tragedy Cassie had been through recently, losing her first love, as well as her "little brother", she'd be accepting of the title of God of War. Well, Ares miscalculated, and Cassie's resolve was stronger then he anticipated. So, instead of running wild and causing war and destruction like Ares had hoped for, Cassie has continued to work with the Teen Titans, who are dedicated to stamping out the things Ares was hoping Cassie would cause.

To rectify his mistake, Ares has begun to empower his resurrected 3,000 year old son. When ever Ares' son kills somebody while Cassie is nearby, some of her power leaves her body and goes into her 3,000 year old nephew's body. After Zeus tells Cassie these things, he informs her that even practically powerless, she has to defeat Ares' son on her own, without any help from Zeus. Zeus then teleports her back to Earth. After contacting the Teen Titans, and telling them some of the story, Ares son arrives along with his giant hell hound, presumably to kill Cassie, and gain the rest of her powers.

The rest of this issue dealt with the remaining Teen Titans, Robin, Blue Beetle and Red Devil, taking on Bombshell, before she could hurt/kill her father. The Titans manage to get her on the ropes once or twice, but Bombshell constantly manages to fight back. Finally, Bombshell's father tells everybody to stop fighting, and explains to Bombshell that there are rogue elements of the government that want her dead. Robin offers Bombshell a room at Titan's tower, for protection, which she refuses, until her father talks her into going with the Titans for her own good.

OK, I kind of oversimplified alot of the stuff with Bombshell, but her storyline really doesn't interest me that much. Now Bombshell is living at the Tower along with the rest of the "team". Yipee, another character on the team I really don't care about. If they wanted a tough girl on the team, why the hell did they take Ravenger off the team? Ravenger made the team much more interesting due to her unpredictability, plus she'll always have the connection to Deathstroke, which can always breed interesting stories. Meh, who knows, maybe I'll be fine with Bombshell on the team, although I really doubt it. For a score, I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10, mainly based on the stuff with Cassie, Zeus and Ares son. The rest of the story did nothing for me.

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