Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nightwing #104

Nightwing: Year One, Part 4(of 6)

Overall- In this issue we find Dick Grayson dressed up as Nightwing for the first time. Dick travels to Gotham and tells Commissioner Gordon that he is no longer Robin and that he is now Nightwing. He also tells the Commish that he doesn't work with Batman anymore. Barbara Gordon(who back then was Batgirl)hears this and tracks Dick down to find out what happened between Dick and Batman. After Dick vents about Batman firing him, he decides to travel around Gotham in an effort to re-establish himself as a crime fighter. Dick and Babs move through the streets of Gotham, taking down criminals. While this is going on, Batman is back at the Batcave training Jason Todd to become the new Robin. As the issue ends, Batman is seen watching some camera feeds showing Nightwing and Batgirl fighting crime in Gotham.

First of all, does Batman have every inch of Gotham City wired to a camera or what? There seems to be nowhere in Gotham Batman doesn't have on camera. This was a pretty uneventful comic, it was an OK read, but it wasn't really anything memorable. For a score, I'll go with a
6 1/2 out of 10.

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