Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nightwing #108-111

OK, I've decided that since I've been reading these Nightwing comics faster then I've been able to write reviews to this blog, my best bet would be to read a bunch of them together, then just write a general review for the lot of them. Plus, I'm still shaking this cold/flu, and I'm feeling pretty lazy! So without further ado, 4 Nightwing reviews for the price of 1!

Overall- We start with Dick still working his way up the ladder in the Bludhaven mob. Dick meets with some higher ups in the mob, and of course uses his real name, so the mobsters are somewhat perplexed that Dick Grayson, adopted son of Bruce Wayne, billionaire, is working for the mob. Plus he's a former cop... But, since the criminals are so unbelievably stupid, they just buy anything Dick tells them. The more I read this comic the more it reminds me of a real bad episode of "The Soprano's".

Anyway, Dick continues to worm his way into the old mobsters hearts, and also winds up getting friendly with their families as well. That doesn't sit well with Dick, because(presumably)he intends to turn all the mobsters into the Feds. Or at least I think/hope that's his plan. I have no clue as to what Dick is planning, because he never explained his plan to anybody. The old mobsters take Dick into a meeting with Black Mask, and try to convince Black Mask to work with their crime family. Black Mask asks the mobsters to give him an idea of what type of trouble he'd run into if he tried to branch his criminal empire into Bludhaven first. The mobsters send Dick to go scouting Bludhaven to see what kind of vigilantes are prowling the 'Haven... Wait a minute, I thought the mobsters were from Bludhaven! Oh boy... You know there's a problem when you've read every damn issue of this series and you don't even know where the hero is living anymore...

So, Dick goes to Bludhaven and runs into Robin, who has taken Nightwing's place as Bludhaven's protector. Robin tells Dick that Bruce wanted to adopt him after the death of Robin's father. This causes Dick to fly into a jealous rage and makes him whine for several pages about how lousy his life is. Well whose fault is that! After Nightwing whines to Robin for a while, he decides to eavesdrop on Blockbuster's old lawyer to see who the lawyer is working for now. Why he decides to do this is never explained. Dick learns that the lawyer is working with Lex Luthor's Secret Society. This is a problem because Deathstroke is a member, and Deathstroke knows Dick's real identity. Why this is a problem is of course never explained...

OK, so now Dick is trying to join the Society. Well why not! Dick meets with the lawyer dressed as Nightwing, and tells the lawyer to tell Deathstroke that Nightwing was looking for him. Meanwhile, the old mobsters run into trouble when the girlfriend of one of their goons turns state evidence on them. The cops bust in on the mobsters during dinner and the wife of one of the mobsters is shot and killed. Somehow, the really fat old mobster runs away from the cops and goes on the lamb. The fat old mobster finds Dick, and tells him that he has to try to help out the teenaged daughter of the other mobster. The fat old mobster then takes off again. Dick returns to his hotel room and finds Deathstroke standing there. Deathstroke asks Dick "What the #### is going on in your comic book Nightwing!!!".

OK, maybe Deathstroke didn't really say that, but it is a pretty fair question. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a good mafia themed comic book as much as the next guy, but these comic books just don't make any sense! Now, maybe it's me. I've been pretty sick the past few days, and have been pretty medicated. So, maybe I don't know what's going on here because of the medicine... It's unlikely, but it is a possibility. The other possibility is that these comic books really don't make any sense. Why Dick is living with the mobsters still hasn't been explained. Why he's joining the Secret Society also hasn't been explained. Hell, I don't even know where Dick is living anymore! I could have sworn the mobsters were from Bludhaven, but apparently not.

Once again, reading these comics just serves to confuse me more then anything else. I'm sure that the next few issues will leave me equally confused, so I think I better take some more medicine, and try to read on. For scores, issue #108 was a 5 out of 10, #109 was a 4 1/2 out of 10, #110 was a 5 out of 10, and #110 was a 5 out of 10. If there is an expert Nightwing fan out there, PLEASE explain to me what's going on in these comic books, I'd love to know!

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