Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nightwing #89

Overall- Alright, this was one hell of a good comic! Dick returns to his apartment to change into his Nightwing gear and go out, even though it is still daytime. After the events of the last issue, Dick has decided that it was time to find out exactly who it was who discovered his secret identity, and take them down hard.

No sooner then Dick leaves the apartment building, it explodes, destroying it completely. Dick after recovering from the blast rushes over to look for survivors, but only finds burnt carcasses, including that of his gypsy "grandfather". Out of the corner of his eye, Dick notices Tarantula and rushes her, demanding to know why she did this. Tarantula says she wasn't responsible, and tells Dick that it was Blockbuster who was responsible for everything. As for why she was there, Tarantula explains that she wanted to warn the original Tarantula, John Law, who lived in the now smoldering apartment building to get out.

At about this time, reformed Bat villain Amygdala, who was also living at the building emerges from the rubble and goes on a rampage, demanding to find his friends and fellow tenants. The cops arrive, but Dick manages to talk Amygdala down before he flips out any worse. In the confusion, Tarantula escapes, and Capt. Amy tells Dick that she'll help him in anyway she can. Dick tells her there is nothing she can do to help, and says he'll have his revenge on Blockbuster for all he's done.

Back at Blockbuster's mansion, we discover that he has assembled pretty much all of Nightwing's rogue's gallery, including Shrike, who alone was able to defeat Dick, but now has all of Blockbuster's muscle and cronies on his side.

Wow, Dick's life has really gone to hell the last few issues... His girlfriend breaks up with him, his circus family is decimated, and now his apartment building, along with all the fellow tenants he had befriended over the last 80 issues or so are all gone. However, Dick now knows that it was Blockbuster who was responsible for it all, so it's a pretty safe bet that Dick will be high tailing it to Blockbuster's mansion in order to have his revenge.

Unfortunately for Dick, he has no idea Blockbuster is waiting for him, with a house full of assassins. The next few issues should really be exciting. This comic was great in the way it continued to break Dick's character down more and more, leaving him close to the breaking point, which is exactly how Blockbuster wants him. For a score, I'm happy to give this comic an 8 out of 10.

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