Thursday, November 13, 2008

Secret Six #3

Overall- Heh heh... So, we finally find out what the card Tarantula has in her possession is and why it is so important. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. The Six, or Five I guess, since we are still a member short, take Tarantula from her prison to a safe house where she had stored the card that has the crime lord Junior offering millions of $ to get his hands on.

After the Six retrieve the card, they are attacked by some bad guys. Unfortunately, I'm still somewhat new to the DC universe and can only say that the bad guys were Wonder Woman foe Cheetah, some guy who controls electricity, and a dude with a gun. Cheetah approaches the Six after they get the card, and tells them if they give her the card she will let them walk away. The Six, of course don't take the deal, and Cheetah makes pretty quick work of most of the team.

By this time, the electric guy arrives, and demands to know who was the card. The Six members tell him Cheetah has it, even though she doesn't, and the electric guy attacks Cheetah, thus giving the Six the opportunity to escape. After getting away from Tarantula's safe house, Catman asks Tarantula exactly what the card is. She explains that it was created by Neron, DC's version of the Devil, and that it is basically a "Get out of Hell" card. Well, that would definitely explain why somebody as evil as Junior is looking to gain possession of a card with that power.

During this issue, we also get a little more insight into exactly what Catman did to the poachers in Africa. Apparently, he set up a minefield of sorts with bear traps and forced the poachers to walk through it blindfolded, so they could experience what the cats they caught went through. Ouch.

I liked this issue. I think it was definitely better then the last issue, and it's nice to know what exactly this card was and why Junior was so keen on possessing it. I did have a few problems though. The most glaring one was that in the last issue, Catman fought Batman to a standstill, but in this comic he was easily defeated by Cheetah. I'm sorry, but if Catman can stand up to Batman, there is no reason he shouldn't be able to stand up to Cheetah. I'm still not sure that Bane fits on the team, and I'm still waiting to see just who the sixth member of the team is going to wind up being. Personally, I sure as hell hope it isn't Tarantula, after reading so many older Nightwing's lately, I really don't like her... Anyway, for a score I'll go with a 7 out of 10. This was a good comic, but not quite great yet.

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