Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nightwing #78

Overall- Awww, dammit! The dead body in the sewer was that of my favorite bad guy with his head twisted the wrong way, Torque... That means that damned Nite-Wing is still out there somewhere... Oh well, that's a downer. Like I said before, any guy whose gimmick is that his head is twisted the wrong way is gold by me!

The new cops coming to Bludhaven seem to be as bad as the old guard. However, this time there seems to be a reason for the criminal actions. Everyone of the cops who have flipped out so far have been sipping on some kind of sports drink/soda. As the issue closes, we see Dick taking a sip of this tainted drink. What will happen to the former Boy Wonder??? We'll have to wait for the next issue to find out!

On the personal front, Dick and Babs seem to be getting a little distant, which is no surprise since Dick is working days as a cop and nights as Nightwing. That leaves very little time for a relationship. Dick is also still trying to keep tabs on Tarantula, to make sure she follows his warning and stops trying to be a vigilante.

Since I was just totally letdown by Torque's untimely death, I have to score this comic a 6 out of 10. Here's hoping the next issue picks up the pace again.

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