Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightwing #72

Overall- What the hell is going on here??? Now Dick is in Rome, trying to keep Mrs. Redhorn from getting killed by the Italian police force... And still, I have no idea why... Anyway, Dick and Mrs. Redhorn, continue to dodge the bad guy's, and this comic continues to read like one of those really bad summer blockbuster movies!

Dick is dodging bazooka shells, automatic gunfire, the works, while keeping the mysterious Mrs. Redhorn safe. The main question here is, does Chief Redhorn have anything to do concerning the hit on his wife or not? If he is responsible, how does he know how to contact the corrupt cops in Italy? Are all the corrupt cops in the same union or something? Do they all share cell phone numbers amongst themselves?

Within these pages, outside the main storyline, we are beginning to see a lot of Catalina Flores, who winds up becoming the controversial new Tarantula. As for a score here, I'm going to stick with the same score the prior issue received, a 5 out of 10. Hopefully, this story will start to make more sense soon.

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