Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightwing #71

Overall- OK, the Chuck Dixon portion of this comic series is officially over(for now...). Now, I get to see if Devin Grayson can keep putting out a consistently good comic like her predecessor did. Of course, some of the appeal of the Grayson written Nightwing comics is the controversy some of her writing caused... I personally can't wait to get to real controversial stuff! Anyway, onto this issue.

Well, this was sort of an inauspicious start... There was a lot of confusing stuff going on in this comic. Apparently, corrupt Police Chief Redhorn sent some of his cop goon squad to kill his wife. Some of the good cops got wind of the situation, and tried to get Mrs. Redhorn to the airport so she could catch a flight out of town, to Rome.

Nightwing initially mistakes the good cops for the corrupt ones, and engages them in battle. He soon realizes which cops are the bad guys, and tries to help the good cops get Mrs. Redhorn out of town. Unfortunately, Dick loses track of time, and the flight takes off without Mrs. Redhorn on board. Whoops!

This issue didn't really thrill me, but hopefully next issue, we'll see exactly why Redhorn was trying to kill his wife(if it's even him behind the hit). The next issue should go a long way in helping me figure out what is going on exactly. For a score, I'd give this comic a 5 out of 10.

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