Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, I couldn't resist...

So, today, I placed my order to buy DC vs. MK... The game is on pre order and won't come out for about a week or so I think, which leaves me with plenty of time to get cold feet and cancel the order... The video game costs a staggering $60, so if I do go through with buying it, I'll have to cut back on my comic book purchases for a good month...

That's my real dilemma here. Would I be better off to spend that money on comic books, or would I prefer to be able to play as one of my favorite DC characters, Deathstroke the Terminator. Well, I have until the 16th before the game ships, and I can cancel my order at anytime between now and then. I guess I'm just curious as to what anybody else out there thinks I should do. Spend the money on the game, or more comic books...


  1. I say you have to look at long term value. If you buy the game, you have it to play whenever you want, and it's a one time fee. you could also catch up on all the unread books you have in the meantime to fill the void of not beign able to make new purchases. But on the other hand, if you buy it and it sucks, then it is a constant reminder of the mistake you made.

    You could always cancel the order, rent the game, buy your comics, and once the game goes down in price (as video games so quickly do these days), then go and buy it. That way you didn't commit to something you weren't sure about, and you still get to buy the comics.

  2. First off, thanks for the comments Kello, as always. I always look forward to hearing from you, since you seem to be one of the only two people who consistantly read my blog on a regular basis. I really appreciate that.

    To be honest with you, I am pretty heavily leaning torward cancelling the order, and I probably will tonight, unless I have another mood swing by then... I kind of hate to buy a video game without reading the reviews first anyway.

    If the game only consisted of DC characters, then it would be a no-brainer purchase, but it seems to be more like Marvel Nemisis: Rise of the Imperfects, which was a horrible game, because it contained not only comic book characters, but other characters I could care less about.

    Meh, I guess I'll just go back to playing Justice League Heroes, which for the PSP is pretty awesome and spend my money on my true love, more comics!

    Oh, and for the record, I've been holding off from commenting on your most recent post, because I STILL haven't recieved my copy of JSA #20 yet, and that is one comic I'd hate to have spoiled before read it!

  3. I'll be honest, every time a pay full price for a game I feel like a sucker. Inevitably, it's $20 within six months and I feel like I would've been better off waiting. But then again, I'm a cheap bastard.

  4. Yeah, I cancelled the order earlier today! I just couldn't justify spending $60 on a game that I have nothing to base on. It would have been sweet to beat the hell out of people as Deathstroke, but not for $60! Honestly, if I had to go the whole month of December spending next to nothing on comic books, I think I'd go crazy!

    I think your point is pretty valid Jason. When Burnout:Paradise came out I wanted to buy it right away. I held off, and now it's selling for as cheap as $20 at some stores. If anything, I'll just pick that game up, and like you said, wait for the price of DC vs MK to drop down.

    What ever happened to the days when a new game would cost no more then $40? $60 is a pretty hefty price tag for one game!