Friday, November 7, 2008

Titans #5

Overall- Oh, I was tricked! Ha! Good one Mr. Winick! Last issue wasn't actually the end of the Trigon storyline, as this issue continued it. Very good. Now I can't complain about the way the last issue ended.

This issue basically dealt with two main issues, the most important one being the return of Raven's half-brothers. While Raven and Beast Boy were having a heart to heart about all of the conflicting emotions tormenting Raven, her half-siblings reappeared, and triggered a transformation in Raven, turning her into her more evil, demonic half. Beast Boy tried to fight the sons of Trigon off, but was easily outclassed by them, while Raven apparently began to embrace her evil side again, leaving with her half-brothers.

Also in this issue, Nightwing and Starfire started their flirtatious relationship up again. At first I was pretty pissed off about it, but I really liked the way it ended. They FINALLY realized they weren't right for each other. Hell, I've known that ever since I read the old issues of "New Teen Titans". When Dick flatly told Kory that he didn't love her, I can honestly say an evil smirk crept across my face. Now, hopefully, the both of them can move on from each other and find happiness.

So, next issue seems to be the (real) end to the Trigon storyline, so I'll be interested to see how it unfolds. Of course, Raven being evil again is really nothing new to me, because like I said, I read those older Titan comics, and it seemed every other issue Raven was turning evil, so this is more of the same old same old. As for a score, I'll give this issue a 7 1/2 out of 10. I really enjoyed Raven's emotional outburst as well as Dick and Kory finally moving on... Hopefully.

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