Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yee-hah, New Comics!

Here in upstate New York, I've been unable to find a reliable comic shop, so I have to purchase my books online. Usually, I'll load up the shopping cart at one of my online stores, and when I qualify for the free shipping practically every online store offers, I place my order. The crappy thing about ordering online is that I have to wait for my comics to slowly make there way to my home. Ah, but today is that glorious day in which my box of comics has finally arrived. So, what did I order? Glad you asked;
Justice Society of America #20- Do I even have to explain how much I am looking forward to this comic? I thought not.

Secret Six #3- Here's hoping the story starts to come together here. I'm sure it will, I have a lot of confidence in Gail Simone's writing.

Legion of Super-Heroes #47- I wish more people were reading this comic... It's been consistently good from issue #1.

Avengers The Initiative Special #1- This comic was the only good thing to come out of the Civil War. I even hate to write the words Civil War... I hated that crossover so much... Anyway, Dan Slott did a masterful job of creating a bunch of new characters that I really cared about and wrote great stories for this book, so once I knew he was writing this special, it was a no-brainer for me to pick it up.

Teen Titans #64- I've actually been kind of disappointed with the recent issues of Teen Titans, and really miss Geoff Johns work on this comic. I like Sean McKeever, but let's face it he is no Geoff Johns. Besides that point, the team itself just doesn't really appeal to me right now. No Kid Flash, no Superboy, and no Ravenger makes X-Man very angry, apparently angry enough to refer to myself in the third person... Disturbing...

Nova #18- One of the few Marvel comics I really look forward to monthly. This comic rules! Hey, Since this comic contains 3 of my favorite 90's characters, Nova, Darkhawk and Quasar, I think stating that this comic "rules" is appropriate.

Final Crisis:Rage of the Red Lanterns- I'm not sure what to expect here, but I figured I'd pick this up since Geoff Johns' name is on the cover... Oh my God... I think I've developed a man crush on Geoff Johns!

Final Crisis:Resist- The money I spent on this comic used to go towards Marvel comics... Oh well Marvel, stop ####ing everything up and I'll start spending my money on your comic books again.

Final Crisis:Superman Beyond 3D #1- Once again, this is just a comic I picked up on a lark. I am a little confused about the 3D gimmick... 3D glasses??? I haven't seen those things since I was like 7 years old!

Justice League of America #26- Please please please make this comic better then the last issue Dwayne McDuffie!

Batman:the Joker's Last Laugh tpb- The only reason I purchased this comic book was to watch Dick Grayson kill the Joker. Yes, I know how the whole thing ends, but watching someone from the Bat family finally snap and kill Joker makes this tpb more then worth the price.

Nightwing:The Target- Not really sure what this comic is all about, but it was referenced in an earlier Nightwing comic book I read, so I figured since I'm on a Nightwing kick I'd pick it up. I'll say one thing, this book is MUCH thicker then an average comic.

Avengers The Initiative #18- I haven't read this comic for months, and yet I continue to buy the new issues... Baffling...

Reign in Hell #4- I won't read this mini-series until all 8 parts come out, so this comic will be put into one of the MANY piles of comics I have laying around.

Terror Titans #2- Please come back to the Teen Titans Ravenger. With that said, this is another mini-series I won't read until all the parts come in.

Trinity #21,22,23- I still haven't read Trinity #1 yet, and here we are into the 20's. I'm starting to think I'll be reading this series when all 52 parts are out. This is another one I'll stick into my always growing pile of comics not yet read...

Secret Invasion:X-Men #3- To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea why the hell I've purchased this comic book. I hate the Skrulls. I hate what has been done to the X-Men. And yet I still brought this... Oh well, since I have issue's 1 and 2, I guess I figured I'd buy 3 as well...

House of M:Civil War #3- I can pinpoint the exact moment when I began to truly despise the people behind the scenes at Marvel Comics. It was in House of M #7, when Wanda Maximoff utter the words I hate more then any others in the universe(well besides "Quesada"), "No More Mutants." THAT was the moment the Marvel editors made their greatest blunder. The mutant population was probably the thing that really separated Marvel from DC, and decimating the mutants like Marvel did has hurt their product enormously, at least in my opinion. With that being said, I really liked the House of M storyline before that point, and have every single issue involved with the House of M crossover. Since this comic takes place pre-"No More Mutants", I figured I'd give it a try.

Well, there you have it that is about 3 weeks of comic book purchases for me. Now, to dig into JSA #20!

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