Monday, November 10, 2008

Nightwing #83

Overall- Well, I didn't want to read another issue since I have an early class at school tomorrow, but since I really want to know what happens after the last issue, I'll forgo some sleep to read one more issue... I know I'm going to regret this tomorrow morning...

OK, this review is going to be fast and dirty, just the way I like it... Did I just write that? I really have to get to sleep soon... Dick ends up giving his badge up to Amy, since she obviously knows he is Nightwing, and considers vigilantes to be akin to criminals. The only reason she doesn't bust him is because of her lack of real proof, as well as their friendship.

With no day job, Dick goes stir crazy, and decides to solve the murder of corrupt Police Chief Redhorn. Dick tries to figure out several different ways the killer could have gained access to Redhorn's office and cut his throat, but can't figure it out. Finally, he returns to the scene of the crime, Redhorn's old office, where he discovers Amy also in there, and also trying to solve Redhorn's murder. As Dick talks to Amy, he notices a suction cup mark outside the window in Redhorn's office. The only person Dick knows to use suction cups to travel around the 'Haven is Tarantula. So as the issue concludes, Dick tells Amy that the killer had to be Tarantula.

Besides the main story, we discover that Blockbuster blames Nightwing for the death of his mother, thanks to Nightwing causing a traffic accident a few issues back. Once again, as I remember it, Blockbuster's mom died as she was waiting for word on her son's heart operation. I guess Devin Grayson(series writer)wanted to make the problems between Dick and Blockbuster more personal, by adding Blockbuster's mother's death to the picture.

This story was pretty good, with Dick trying to puzzle out just who killed Redhorn and how they did it. Dick knew Tarantula had a couple of rough edges when he first met her, but I don't think he realized she was capable of murder. I guess this sets up Dick battling Blockbuster on one front, and Tarantula on the other. For a score, I'll give this issue a 7 out of 10.

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