Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nightwing #88

Overall- So, since everyone of Dick's enemies know that he is Nightwing, they start to strike out at the people he cares about the most, his original family, the circus folks. Dick gets word that a trapeze artist died of a sleeping pill overdose and they need Dick to take his place.

Dick, of course, goes and takes the dead trapeze artist's place in the show. Well, during the show, a Bat villain by the name of Firefly arrives and sets the circus tent a blaze. Dick tries desperately to save as many people as he can while the big top burns down around him. Unfortunately, as Dick is in the midst of the flames, saving people from falling debris, a huge metal scaffolding collapses on Dick, pinning him down, and leaving him laying there helplessly as the fire envelops everything around him.

As Dick passes out he is saved by an elephant, which pulls him to safety. Yes, that's right, I said an elephant saved Dick from certain death. The issue ends as Dick returns to Babs and grieves over the fact that over 30 people were killed at the circus, and it was pretty much his fault for allowing all of his foes to figure out his identity.

You know what? I liked this comic book! After the absolutely horrible last couple of issues, this comic was like a breath of fresh air. Dick wasn't acting like a 4 year old anymore, and the story going ahead should really heat up, since Dick finally seems to realize that some of his enemies know his secret identity. You'd think he would have known that before, but hey, better late then never right? For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10, which is an enormous improvement from the last few issues.

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