Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Teen Titans #2, Deathstroke's 1st apperance

HA, I just brought this comic off eBay! I wanted this comic so badly for just about as long as I've been collecting DC comics(about a year), but could never afford it. Most comic stores I've checked have this issue for between $58.00 and $32.50. I was able to pick this comic up for $15.32! Seeing as that Deathstroke is my favorite DC villain, I can't wait to get my hands on this comic!!!


  1. Have you tried Comic Collector Live? I've had a lot of luck filling in gaps in my collection cheaply with the sellers on this site.

  2. That site looks really good! Considering that I buy all of my comics online(there are NO good comic shops in my area), I'm suprised I've never come across that gem before. Some of the prices on that site look really good, and that was just from a quick, preliminary look. Yedna, me and my wallet both thank you!