Monday, November 10, 2008

Nightwing #81

Overall- This issue could also have been titled "Dick Grayson, Idiot.". Man, Devin Grayson (series writer)has really had Dick acting kind of... Let's say dumb, to keep things kind of nice. Apparently, a reporter suspects that Dick is Nightwing, after watching the way he took off after Deathstroke last issue. To make matters worse, he not so subtly destroys her photographer's camera. Why would he do that? Like there aren't pictures of Dick out there anyway? All it did was made him look more suspicious. Not only that, but the police captain, Dick's former partner Amy, has to know Dick is Nightwing after this issue, or she is the world's dumbest woman.

With that out of the way, the main gist of this comic dealt with Dick asking Batgirl to see if she can figure out who Deathstroke had been hired to kill in the Bludhaven Police Department, while he is recuperating at the hospital after being shot last issue. Batgirl winds up finding a room overlooking the police station that has a camera pointing at the front door. As she takes the DVD from the camera, Deathstroke shows up and the two battle to a standstill. Huh, color me impressed that Batgirl can stand toe to toe with Slade.

Slade ends the fight by dropping a live grenade, which allows him to escape. Batgirl gets the DVD to Dick, who realizes from watching it that Deathstroke was watching the movements of Amy. Dick rushes back to the police station just in time to see Deathstroke shoot a Bazooka at Amy as she leaves the station for the night. Dick as Nightwing manages to get her out of the way just in time, but as Dick makes the save, Amy calls him Dick, even though he is in his Nightwing garb... Uh oh...

Another pretty good issue, which isn't a surprise, considering the guest stars that appeared within. The surprise was that Batgirl could fight Slade Wilson toe to toe. Now, I'll admit that I hadn't read a load of comics with Batgirl in them, but I've seen Slade single handedly defeat the Teen Titans and the Justice League, so her fighting him to a standstill shocked me.

All I know is that Dick seems to be intent on revealing his secret identity, which is starting to really piss off Batman. It was funny seeing Bruce continually tell Dick to quit the police job at every available opportunity. Bruce must have said it at least 5 different times! Maybe Dick will finally take the hint. For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 1/2 out of 10.

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