Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Comic Day! June 1st edition.

Hey all, it's your humble servant, purveyor of nonsense and Shaman to Muties everywhere, X! Seeing as that it's Wednesday, and I just got back from the comic book shop, I'm pretty sure it's time for a NEW New Comic Day post! This week's big news is DC's impending mass suicide, but I honestly don't have anything more to say about that, so yeah. Luckily for me, I still have Marvel, and I've been branching out to other companies(Image, Boom!, Top Cow, etc) to fill the void DC's going to leave in my comic collection when September rolls around. But enough grousing, let's get to the good stuff. Last week, I bequeathed Amazing Spider-Man #662 with Pick of the Litter status. While that issue of Amazing was quite good, I gave it a it an 8 1/2, it wasn't quite as good as issue #661(which received a perfect score). But hey, I can't complain about an 8 1/2... Well I can, but that seems unnecessary. Last week's Runt of the Litter was Onslaught Unleashed #4, and it was as bad as I expected it to be... I actually read Unleashed #3 & #4 last night(I felt like torturing myself apparently), and they were so bad I didn't even feel like typing up reviews for them, and I type up reviews for EVERYTHING! Maybe down the road I'll bust out the reviews for that mini, but I'll have to be REALLY bored...

Okay, let's get down to business! Earlier today at the comic shop I managed to snag 15 new books. Which 15? This 15! Herc #4, Secret Six #34, Superboy #8, Weird Worlds #6, Wonder Woman #611, Amazing Spider-Man #663, Avengers Academy #14.1, Fear Itself #3(!), Fear Itself: The Deep #1, Heroes for Hire #8, Thunderbolts #158, Uncanny X-Force #11, X-23 #11, X-Factor #220 & SHIELD #1... Now upon looking at that list, I'm struck by a few things... First, the DC to Marvel ratio is getting worse and worse every week, with it falling to 4 DC's to 11 Marvel's this week. Second, I'm giving Heroes for Hire another shot after the first issue, which just didn't do it for me. With a writing team like Lanning and Abnett, it has to be good, right?! Third and finally, I really, REALLY need to read the first SHIELD mini-series... I mean damn, they're already onto their second series and I haven't even STARTED the first mini! Before I go I still need to pick this week's Pick and Runt of the Litter. The Pick is easy, it's definitely Fear Itself #3. I gave the last issue a perfect 10, and to be perfectly honest, I'm expecting a repeat performance with this issue. So far I've been QUITE impressed by Fear Itself and it's various tie-ins. Good job Marvel! This week's Runt was easy as well. It's Secret Six #34. It's gonna be bad, it's just a matter of how bad... And there you have it. Another New Comic Day in the books. As always, I'll leave you with THE Random Scan of the Week. Until next time, X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!Green Arrow: Parent of the Year?


  1. oh yeah man the Sheild book from a while back was fantastic definatly check it man
    its at times a bit confusing and leaves a few questions unanwsered but the rest of it is so good it makes up for it

  2. Cool. I collected the whole mini-series, but it's one of the MANY things I've yet to get to. I'll have to pull it and put it on top of one of my various back issue piles. I'll def make sure to do that tonight.

  3. Very interested in Fear Itself 3 since I've been hearing some rumors lately, also Spidey as always, which I also plan on reviewing. Shocked ya didn't get the Static comic, no pun intended.

  4. Nate, i'm looking forward to when your ready to start talking about Heroes for Hire. i see you have #8 but were you able to get a hold of either 6 or 7? if not, i can scan some of the pages for you bro. there's some key stuff that happened in em (7 in particular)you should know of before getting into #8. i don't know if your robbing banks or what to get all this money for school and to be buying all these comics. by the way are you gonna see X-Men 1st class this weekend?

  5. I just finished off Fear Itself #3, JT, and am working on a review for it to post later on tonight as we speak, so I think I know what rumor you're talking about. All I'll say about it is this... >:/ I honestly didn't even see the Static Shock comic, and I as looking through the new issues before the comic shop owner even put them out(that's why I ended up with Herc #4)... I guess he didn't order any shelf copies of it, 'cause if I'd have seen it, I'm SURE I'd have snagged it.

    I actually DID manage to grab Heroes #7, Dave. They had an extra issue of #7 in this week(which is weird since they didn't last week), so yeah, I'll be able to give both of those books a read/review sometime later on this week. Of course, all my Fear Itself tie-ins come first!

  6. please dont let the big bad thing that happens in fear itself #3
    ruin the series or issue for u
    i feel for ur loss tho
    when ares died in seige i was super pissed but i still loved seige

  7. Okay, I think we're on the same page, either way, It didn't make me happy. I know WHY they did it, because of... a certain new media related thing, but I don't like it and it doesn't make me wanna read the series like I wanted to before this happened.

  8. My fingers are STILL crossed though... MAYBE it wasn't as bad as it looked... What's a little impaling anyways? I've seen characters recover from worse... Or at least he BETTER recover............

  9. alright that's cool i'll be looking forward to read those H4H reviews while i look over your blog with ma pimp cane!

  10. First and only lady to comment!! Woooo!!

    Well, the X-Man is here for another New Comic Day post!! Well, I'm glad to see you're finally branching out to other companies like I. I mean, I'm so far in ordering stuff from Zenescope it's crazy, Image as well. They have some REALLY good stuff too. Oh and since I'm promoting, Zenescope has a new series called "Fly" that drops this month and well I've heard good things, and I'm so close to making it into a subscription. Here's a link: Maybe that's something you might be interested in. But enough of me trying to get you to spend money, lol.

    As allllways, ready to see your review for Wonder Woman, and I'm seriously anxious to see what you have to say. I haven't read it yet but that score you gave it last month really shocked me. lol. Also anxious for that X-23 review, hoping you enjoy it a lot more.

    But, I think that's everything that was brewing in my mind. Have fun reading!!!!

  11. HA! We all know you're first in my heart, Lisha. ;-) That series doesn't sound that bad at all... It really doesn't! Next stop at the comic shop I'll ask the owner to pick up the first one for me. Hell, for $3, why not?

    I shall get to WW and X-23 probably around Fri or Sat, as I have a couple of other comics I'm looking forward to getting through first(Spidey and Avengers Academy). But they should definitely be up by the weekend... Unless the PSN Store is FINALLY fixed by then, then I may have to put them off for a bit as I go download CRAZY!!! :P