Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thunderbolts #159 & Secret Avengers #14

It's Fear Itself time, as I take a look at two of the three FI books I picked up at the comic shop this past Wednesday. I'm not sure what to expect from either, but hey, it's Fear Itself, so it should be pretty good.

Thunderbolts #159:

Summary: We have four stories here, I'll be focusing on the first one for the most part. Having returned from their latest mission, the T-Bolts are faced with the near total destruction of the Raft prison, and the mass breakout that resulted from the Juggernaut gaining one of the Serpent's hammers. While the main T-Bolts team takes care of any straggling criminals, Songbird sends the Beta-Bolts into the Raft to see if they could bring the medical lab to the surface. The Beta-Bolts(Centurius, Boomerang, Shocker and Mr. Hyde), head down into the rubble and manage to find some doctors who were trapped. The Beta-Bolts free the doctors, who then give them directions on how to reach the medi-lab. Upon arriving at the medi-lab, Centurius tells the Beta-Bolts that he could use the equipment located there to free them of the nanite bombs that were in their system. Naturally all of the Beta-Bolts are keen on this idea, since losing the nanites would mean they could escape from the Raft. Being smarter than his Beta-Bolt teammates, Centurius warns against an immediate escape attempt, since the Raft would almost definitely be swarming with Thunderbolts, federal officials, and possibly the Avengers themselves. Instead, Centurius convinces the Beta-Bolts to wait until a time down the road, when they were out on a mission to then escape. With that, Centurius uses the lab equipment to disarm the nanites in the bloodstream of the Beta-Bolts and the Beta-Bolts return to the surface with the medi-lab, content in the knowledge that they'd eventually get a chance to escape. The second story dealt with Moonstone trying to round up the escaping female prisoners, while the third story was all about Ghost and Warden John Walker doing what they could to fix some of the extensive damage done to the Raft. The final story was all about former Thunderbolt Crossbones, and how he used the carnage to escape from the Raft.

Thoughts: Well, I did enjoy the first story, but the rest of it? Meh. I mean none of it is what I'd call bad, but I don't get why this issue was made into a double-size, four story comic... Instead of paying $5 for a bunch of filler stories, I'd have been happier paying $3 for my regular single issue T-Bolts story... It's that price that had a lot to do with the score I'll be giving this one...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Out of context, Crossbones line is pretty disturbing...

Secret Avengers #14:

Summary: With Sin's forces having decimated Washington DC(as seen in pretty much any Fear Itself comic from June), her horde begins the move north, tearing through Philadelphia and heading towards New York City. Commander Rogers decides to send a small army of SHIELD(or whatever they're called, I still don't know...) agents to the Big Apple, to be led by Valkyrie. From there, we get a flashback sequence showing how Valkyrie became what she is, as well as her first meeting with Odin. When we get back to the present, Sin's forces manage to tear through Valkyrie's soldiers, killing several. One of the soldiers winds up dying to protect his lover, just as Valkyrie gives the order to retreat. The stunned soldier refuses to leave her dead lover's side, so Valkyrie carries the dead soldier off the battlefield, much like she's carried several souls off to Valhalla.

Thoughts: Meh. If you're a Valkyrie fan, THIS was the comic for you. Unfortunately, I'm not... I mean this was a good enough comic, but since it focused on some unnamed SHIELD(?) agents and Valkyrie, I can't say I was ever totally into this one. Oh well, next month should be more up my alley as we focus on poor Black Widow...

Score: 6 out of 10.Hey look, it's that cowardly Odin!

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